Email Spoofing

A spammer has sent emails spoofing our email — they appear to come from but do not. See for a description of what happened.

We have updated our SPF/DKIM settings which should prevent any further receipt of this spam for most users. If it does not, please ask your email provider to update their settings.

My apologies for allowing outdated settings on our server to make this possible. We are genuinely sorry. Please be assured that does not and never has sent spam.

Thank you to those who emailed to let me know this was happening.

Best, Paul

  1. Peter Silverman

    Since I’m probably not the only one who follows suggestions in your book, why don’t you post a little piece about things you’ve changed your mind
    about, and things you’re not so sure of, since you wrote the book. I appreciate that you change your mind when you get new information. I read your book back when it was self-published, so I’m sure you’ve learned things since.

  2. Hi Paul and Shou-Ching,

    This is a broad question and not sure if you’ve addressed it before, but could you comment on what you know of Ray Peat’s work and dietary strategies. Some seem relatively aligned with PHD principles, but then there’s stuff like ice cream and oj being good foods. Any thoughts on what you like vs don’t like in his work would be appreciated!

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