Hello Luke!

I’m happy to introduce a new PHDer: Luke Jaminet arrived in the world last Wednesday and has been getting plenty of sleep ever since. Here he is:

Luke sleeping age 3 days

For the first time since his birth Mom and Dad got a little sunshine and relaxation yesterday:

Luke-Mom-Dad age 3 days

We chose the name because Luke was Paul’s companion.

Luke has been long awaited and so far, much enjoyed. Welcome Luke!

Living the Optimized Life with Daniel Stickler, M.D. and Kendall Kendrick

I had the honor of appearing on the “Living the Optimized Life” show with Dr. Daniel Stickler and Kendall Kendrick. Check it out here.

A few weeks after we recorded this, we met in person at the Ancestral Health Symposium, and they were as delightful in person as they are on air.

Speaking of AHS, some peculiar photos have been appearing on the Internet. Pay no attention to any images taken during filming of Joe Salama’s annual benefit for the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Good news: we still have open spots for the October Perfect Health Retreat. If you want my personal efforts devoted to helping you achieve great health and long life, the Perfect Health Retreat is for you. Click on the image for more information:


My Ancestral Health Symposium talk on Weight Loss

Joy Norman on the Perfect Health Retreat

For her 60th birthday, Joy Norman gave herself the present of a trip to the May Perfect Health Retreat. We’re so glad she came, because she is aptly named – truly a joy to be around.

Joy thinks the Retreats are extremely valuable, and wants to help us spread the word. She writes:

If you desire …

  1. to understand the science of good health…
  2. to learn the practical steps to make it happen in your daily life…
  3. to prepare delicious food that promotes your optimal health…
  4. to develop a like-minded community to support you in your journey…
  5. while spending two-weeks in a beautiful home on one of the most magnificent beaches in the US…

then the Perfect Health Retreat is for you!

I chose to attend the Retreat as a 60th birthday gift to myself – to optimize “whatever years I have left.” I left the Retreat convinced that in many ways my life is just beginning. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND making this investment in your life!!

Joy Norman
Cincinnati, OH

Here is Joy in person. Enjoy!

By the way, Joy says that she would be happy to describe the retreat to any one who would like to hear from an alumna. If you would like to speak to her, let me know and I can put you in touch.