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  1. Merry Christmas, Jamient Family!!!!

  2. And to you too Jaminets….Merry Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    I saw this study and was wondering if you would evaluate it for me. It is indicating that Chinese herbalists have higher mortality from kidney and other urinary organ cancers. I saw it in a forum post thread cautioning people to be wary of berberine and prefer metformin instead claiming that more is known about the safety of metformin.
    Since you have the expertise to evaluate this study and tell if it really merits concern and have been so kind as to answer questions I’ve posted before I thought of you to help answer whether this is a legitimate concern. Also since your wife is Chinese I thought you might have some interest in the subject. I know that sometimes studies are used to scare people and make a big deal of something when they really don’t indicate a large increase in risk but many people don’t know how to interpret the studies to know whether the claims being made about them are true.

    • Hi Lisa,

      It seems plausible. Chinese herbs can be quite toxic, as all medicines are (as Paracelsus said, there is nothing that is not a poison, it is the dose that determines if it is a poison); and the kidney is usually the first site of toxicity for water-soluble toxins. So I can readily believe that frequent users of Chinese medicines would have elevated rates of kidney disease.

      As in all things, moderating the dose of toxins is essential. Use Chinese herbal medicines sparingly.

      Best, Paul

  4. Hi Paul. That makes sense to me. I have studied herbalism and one of my teachers distinguishes what she calls nourishing herbs that are high in nutrition and low in alkaloids from medicinal herbs that contain a lot of toxic alkaloids and encourages the free use of nutritional herbs that are foods that many herbal systems such as Chinese or Ayurvedic call rasaynas or tonic herbs such as oatstraw or astragalus, chickeeed or dandelion. She advises minimizing strong, high alkaloid plants.

    I have never studied under a Chinese or Ayurvedic herbalist but it would seem that they would be aware of and practice herbalism according to this knowledge as well.

    I was just wondering what the real risk is based on the results of this study. If it is statistically significant but still really quite small or quite large.

  5. When I spoke of minimizing strong alkaloid containing potentially toxic or outright toxic herbs I meant avoiding them except for illnesses for which the short term use of these herbs are appropriate.

  6. Hi Paul-
    A question I frequently get is: After removing the inflammatory vegetable seed oils and wheat from the diet, how long does it take the body to heal from that state?

    • Hi TR,

      It depends. If you mean how long does it take to heal a disease/disorder to which these things contribute, then it’s impossible to say. Health conditions always have many/multiple causes, and removing one or two causes is rarely enough to see a big impact — usually you have to fix many factors, but every one you address improves the situation.

      If you mean how long does it take to clear gluten or an excess of omega-6 fats from the body, the answer is (1) days and (2) a long time – potentially, 5 years or more in the obese. You can expect to clear maybe 100 calories / 11 g omega-6 fat per day.

      Best, Paul

  7. Hi Paul,

    I was recently diagnosed with Giardia after suffering from horrible symptoms for over 1 year ❗

    I eat paleo, but not strictly and I’m investigating eating a variation of your diet along with taking flagyl.

    But I’m not sure how to handle my macronutrient ratios? Would you recommend a variation of your diet with less carbs? Is it okay to eat a high fat diet? Thank you, sorry. I’m a bit desperate. Giardia causes greasy stools but I realize that’s not because of fat intake, I guess..

  8. Sorry.. I want to add this to my post 😳

    “Dietary fat is also the main stimulator for the release of bile acids into the intestinal lumen, which giardia trophozoites depend on for survival in the small bowel.”

  9. Hi Paul. Have you seen this? :

    Dr Mary Newport who has reversed the symptoms of her husbands Alzheimer’s with 4 tbs of coconut oil per day? Everything I read keeps talking like the reason is the ketones for fuel for the brain but I have another hypothesis. There is pretty solid evidence that Alzheimer’s is caused by cpn infection. I think it might be working because coconut oil kills lots of pathogens including cpn. If that’s the case it might be a natural treatment for all the problems cpn infection causes.

    Just thought it worth sharing this idea and that some people might want to try it. I’ve heard of some people having great results with it for other types of infections as well including AIDS.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Mary Newport’s story is discussed in our book. I don’t think the coconut oil kills the relevant pathogens, but it may impair the microbes by reducing glucose levels in the brain, while (more importantly) allowing neurons to function on ketones that the microbes can’t steal.

      Best, Paul

  10. I forgot to mention that Mary Newport is a doctor and that coconut oil for Alzheimer’s is beginning to gain traction with more and more doctors.

  11. Hi Paul. That is probably true about Ketones being beneficial. However I have a hunch that part a large part of its effect is the fact that it’s quite antimicrobial. Many studies have been done on monolaurin showing it is a powerful antimicrobial against many microrgsnisms including cpn. I don’t know if it kills all of its stages. I now have also found that many people report it greatly helping improve or eradicate their symtoms of other illnesses as well such as chronic fatigue syndrome and pcos which are both being linked more and more with chronic infections. Over about the past year I have been working on eradicating my chronic infections working with a holistic practitioner. I have had DNA pcr stool tests done twice that showed blastocystis hominis and h pylori in large overgrowths. We only use natural substances to treat with and I have successfully been cleared of blastocystis as confirmed with another DNA test as well as by symtoms having stopped the worst of which was terrible itching. This despite the fact that most of the info on the web states that this is a very difficult Protozoa to eradicate and natural medicines don’t work. And no nasty side effects like gut flora damage or contracting an infection with resistant bacteria. Other than some pretty intense and unpleasant die off which I was able to combat with milk thistle so I could finish treatment. Now we’re working on the h pylori. I have found numerous people who’ve had success confirmed by testing with mastic gum, monolaurin and Manuka honey combined. In the past I’ve had very powerful die off symptoms from coconut oil. I know what those are like. Felt just like what happened when the blasto was being killed. I think most people believe that pharmaceutical drugs are required in order to eliminate infections and that it isn’t true that in many cases or even most cases a natural antimicrobial or combinations of them can work better than pharmaceutical drugs. I’ve come across a few anecdotal reports of people in the Philippines being treated with coconut oil for aids using high doses of 6 tbsp and that being successful in putting them into remission.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I’m familiar with monolaurin. Keep in mind that it comes from partially digested coconut oil triglycerides and is primarily found in the small intestine during digestion of coconut oil. So it will help against small intestinal infections, but not so much against systemic infections.

      Best, Paul


    This link discusses the science showing the antimicrobial properties of coconut oil on becateria, viruses and fungi. It is taken from a talk done by Mary Enig PhD.


    This one is on a study involving oregano oil and monolaurin I think showing that the combo was more effective than the pharmaceuticals for the bacteria being tested.

  14. Rhonwen Seager

    Would I be able to ask Lisa Truitt to explain how she eradicated blastocystis? This is an insidious parasite that has links to Hashimoto’s, SIBO and numerous other conditions and I think it is much more prevalent than people realize. Practitioners who are up with the play and using DNA or 3 day testing report that it is becoming increasingly common and that resolving or significantly reducing it can make a huge difference to health. I am currently trying to deal with it naturally and, like Lisa, keep reading how difficult this is, so I would really appreciate hearing how she approached it. I’m sure many others would be grateful for this information also. Thank you.

  15. Hi Rhonwen. This is the protocol that cleared blastocystis for me: (did pcr DNA test before and after treatment.)

    The protocol used was a weed and feed protocol using standard process products. On the weekends two products were used: gut flora complex 2 soft gels two times a day and garlic forte 1 tablet twice a day. These were taken all together twice a day so in the morning on an empty stomach 2 softgels of gut flora complex and 1 tablet of garlic forte. Then the same again in the late afternoon on an empty stomach. During the week Monday through Friday I took inulin starting at 1/2 tsp a day and slowly over 2-3 weeks working up to between 2 and 3 tsp a day. It was a 10 week program. Standard process products are used by many holistic physicians and practioners of various sorts. There are also some health food stores who are registered to sell them. Amazon has them but at a considerable markup compared to buying from a practitioner.

    In addition to this I also took s boulardi which was shown in a study that is on pubmed to have eradicated blastocystis in children. I can’t remember the exact amount I took. It was based on the study. I remember it being several capsules a day. I used Jarrow brand. I believe they were around 5 billion organisms per capsule.

    I had a bad die off in the first couple of weeks. I was very sick so I stopped for 2-3 days and took milk thistle and then was able to take the full amount of antimicrobials and inulin with only minor symptoms. I didn’t start the s boulardi until shortly after that.

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