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The German Edition’s new PHD Apple

UPDATE: The publisher has corrected a few mistakes in the apple; the new one is now below. Thanks to our readers for pointing them out!

The German edition of Perfect Health Diet is released this week. If you know any German speakers, please recommend it to them!

Our publisher, Thieme, has made a large investment in the book, fittingly as it is the flagship of their new “Edition Health Science” line of books for medical and health care professionals. Among their efforts was a re-design of the PHD apple. Forgoing the yin yang design that was inspired in part by Shou-Ching’s Chinese heritage, they came up with a clever design:

We like it!

If your favored language is German, please buy the book:

Several years of loving care went into creating this edition, and we’ll sure you’ll enjoy it. Please don’t forget to leave a review at Thank you!