Floor Plans

The retreat is held at two adjacent properties, Pura Vida at 38 Porpoise Place and Casa Verde at 39 Porpoise Place. Science classes are held on the 4th floor of Pura Vida, cooking classes and meals in the 4th floor of Casa Verde, and movement classes around the pool on the 1st floor of Casa Verde.

Four bedrooms have been reserved for our staff members; these are marked in green. The other 18 rooms are available to be reserved by guests.

NOTE: For the May 2016 retreat, Pura Vida will be renovated to remove BR 1 and BR 2, while adding a bathroom to 3rd floor staff room and a king bedroom to the 4th floor. Both the 3rd and 4th floor rooms will be guest rooms, meaning the retreat will gain one room.

Here is the (old) Pura Vida floor plan:


Here is the Casa Verde floor plan:


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  1. Looks wonderful. I am interested in the retreat. Thanks DeAnna Ray

    • Hi DeAnna, we’ve temporarily suspended the retreats while we work on our cancer therapy company, Angiex (www.angiex.com). The retreats are expected to resume about 2022.

      Best, Paul

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