Monthly Archives: October 2015

Video Interview with Joe Cohen of; and Optimal Performance Podcast

Back in September, I spent an enjoyable hour with Ryan Munsey of the Optimal Performance podcast, talking about PHD methods to improve your mental and physical performance. Here it is on iTunes and here is Ryan’s blog post.

More recently, I was pleased to do a lengthy video interview with Joe Cohen of Here it is on Youtube:

Thanks, Joe and Ryan!

The Evolution Radio Show

While in Germany in July for the Berlin Paleo Convention, a meeting of the German Paleo Medical Society, and an event at the PHD restaurant in Dusseldorf, I videotaped an interview with the Evolution Radio Show.

The English language show notes are here, and this is the interview on Youtube (first minute is a German-language introduction, the English language interview starts at 61 seconds):

My thanks to Leo Tulipan and the Evolution Radio Show!