These cooking tools are the ones we use at home, and many are used in cooking classes at the Perfect Health Retreat.

Pressure Cooker
  • Cooks meals more rapidly
  • Higher temperature and pressure are great for “autoimmune protocol” dieters as they make immunogenic compounds digestible
Wok & Deep Skillet
  • The work is our favorite pan for stove-top cooking
  • Anolon non-stick is great for cooking ease, acceptable in regard to food safety
Stovetop Stoneware
  • These are inexpensive clay-based ceramic pots which can be used for stove-top cooking
Stainless steel pots
  • Stainless steel is a “safe pot” – it won’t leach toxins into food
  • We’ve always had good results with Henckel knives
  • Ceramic knives are good for slicing; they maintain an edge for years without sharpening
Cutting Board
  • Microban boards inhibit microbial growth without antibiotics
Food Processing and Blending
  • These are excellent food processors
  • Immersion blenders are extremely useful
Fermentation Jars
  • Need easily cleaned, sterile containers (glass, ceramic)
Vegetable Prep Tools
  • Salad spinner is useful for washing salad vegetables
  • Spiralizer is useful for dicing/slicing vegetables – but watch your fingers
  • Three varieties of mixer – choose one
Mixing bowls
  • Nested bowls are easy to store
Pyrex storage sets
  • Sealable lids are great for storage and transport
  • Suitable for microwaving – no plastic or chemicals will leach
Coffee maker
  • We have this at home and like it
Measuring cups – liquids
  • Pyrex will not contaminate food with plastics or bacteria, and is easy to clean
Measuring cups – solids
  • Pyrex will not contaminate food with plastics or bacteria, and is easy to clean
Cooking utensil sets
  • Nylon and silicone tools are heat resistant but gentle to cookware (eg our non-stick wok)
  • Tongs are helpful for handling hot items
  • Whisks and spatulas are essential tools

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  1. Can you recommend a stove top safe ceramic pot with a ceramic lid?

    • Hi Debbie,

      I’ve added a line with three choices from Japanese and Korean makers – stove top ceramic pots are more commonly used in Asia.

      Best, Paul

      • Hi, Dr. Jaminet. Are these ceramic pots you listed the ones you recommend for making your stock? (I couldn’t tell from your photos in the bone broth section if your pot was enamel over cast iron or a ceramic pot.) Thanks!

        • Hi Laura,

          Yes, we’ve used those for certain tasks involving long-cooking, like bone stock or soup. They are not perfect because they will leach some chemicals, but they are inexpensive and highly functional. They are very popular in Asia.

          • Thank you so much! I have been using my crockpot and my stainless pot. Thought this (the ceramic pot) might be a better choice. Thanks for your response!

  2. Does Anolon cookware use Teflon?
    What is your opinion on Teflon?

  3. Hi Dr. Jaminet,

    Can you recommend a rice cooker with a stainless steel inner pot? Or is it okay to use one with a BPA-free pot?


  4. Paul, Is there a particular food processor that you recommend? Thank you. Mary

  5. The coffeemaker you recommend is presently unavailable.
    I use a French Press (Mueller) to prepare cold soaked coffee overnight. I use either Peak Performance ground coffee (convenient) or else grind Aloha Diamond (blend of Sumatran and Kona, organic) in a blade grinder – Dr. Mills model 7445 is excellent for a blade grinder. I’ve considered buying a burr grinder but reviews for even top rated models like the Oxo indicate problems with reliability.

  6. Can you recommend a good electric rice cooker .Thanks

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