A merry and blessed Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas! Shou-Ching and I continue to be busy curing cancer at Angiex, but our PHD readers are never far from our thoughts. Our prayers for a blessed Christmas and a healthy and happy new year!

  1. Happy Holidays to the Jaminet family family from the Waines. Wishing you 2018 quest success!

  2. Merry Christmas Paul & Shou-Ching and thank you for your work. I hope 2018 is a great year for you and Angiex!!

  3. Hi Paul;
    I am a very happy adherent to PHD – and want to thank you for everything you do!
    One question – I have a science background, but not in biology. I can pay attention when reading articles, and so forth, but this is not ever going to result in my knowing human physiology very thoroughly.
    So I’m curious to know how a person with a physics background (such as yourself) gained a seemingly deep knowledge of human physiology, especially as it pertains to metabolism and common pathologies, etc.
    I aspire to a a decent working knowledge only, especially since I am intrigued by the idea of someday becoming a health coach.
    Any pointers or comments would be most welcome,
    Best wishes!

  4. Paul, congratulations to you and your Company Angiex on winning the “Golden Ticket” award! I know this is something you are passionate about. Not sure where you find the time to still post on your site while running a company, but I am sure most people here are glad you do. Your retreat was one of the best things I have done for my life. Although still struggling with some issues (some old, some newly uncovered), my health continues to get better. One success? I finally found someone at a blood center who could get to a vein where I could actually donate (although it took them two tries). Put that ferritin level right where it was supposed to be! It was really quite odd–I almost felt “high” after I gave blood (but in a “good” way). 😀

    • Dear Lucy, it’s so great to hear from you, thanks for letting me know your progress! I’m glad you are doing well. Angiex is doing well also, thank you for the congratulations.

      Best, Paul

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