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UK Edition; Upcoming Talks; and Other News

I’ve been remiss in failing to announce the release of the UK edition of Perfect Health Diet. It’s out!

Perfect Health Diet is the best book in print on diet and health. If you’re in the UK and haven’t read PHD yet, check it out.

Our thanks to Sololiz for leaving the first Amazon review. We’re most grateful for everyone who leaves Amazon reviews – please do!

Talk Wednesday August 14 in Albany Georgia

As a warm-up for the Ancestral Health Symposium, I’ll be giving two talks in Albany, Georgia next week, plus a book signing.

On Tuesday night, I’ll be speaking to the Dougherty County Medical Society. It’s always a great pleasure to speak to doctors, as we share a common goal of healing and many doctors are eager to learn about more effective approaches.

Incidentally, Shou-Ching and I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Herb Mandell and his wife Peggy earlier this week. Dr. Mandell started our diet six weeks ago and left this reader report:

Dear Paul and Shou-Ching,

I have been on the PHD for just five weeks now and have experienced some dramatic relief! After years of severe GERD, (the same symptom which led to esophageal cancer and death in an older brother), I am experiencing virtually no acid stomach nor reflux. Given my improvement, I was able to cut my dose of PPI in half with the blessing of my GI doc, and cut out extra doses of OTC antacid. I hope to cut back more in the future. (The PPI can cause some serious side effects when taken in large doses for long periods of time). I also am noticing that after eating a filling meal such as spaghetti with (rice) pasta, I no longer feel bloated. Also, I notice less aching in my fingers and wrists, and my arthritic knees are less painful. Thank you both so much for your incredible work!

This made me feel guilty, as I have been meaning to write a blog post on acid reflux/GERD for quite some time; it is, I believe, generally easily cured. Since GERD can lead to serious problems – esophageal cancer as in the case of Dr Mandell’s brother – and conventional acid suppression therapies also lead to serious problems – infectious disease due to impaired killing of pathogens in the stomach; vitamin B12 deficiency due to loss of intrinsic factor; and toxicities, sensitivities, and allergies generated by undigested food peptides – there’s really no excuse for not publicizing the proper natural therapy. I’ll get that up after AHS.

On Wednesday in Albany, Georgia, I’ll host two public events:

  • Between 10 and 11 am I’ll be signing books at the Books A Million in the Albany Mall on Dawson Road. I’ll be happy to chat with anyone who comes.
  • At 11:30 am, I’ll give a talk that’s open to the public at Darton College, Room C-266 (south end of campus).

If you’re in southwest Georgia, please consider attending!

Talk September 19 in Pittsburgh

On Thursday evening, September 19, I’ll be speaking in Pittsburgh in an event sponsored by the group Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy. It will be held at the Comfort Inn and Suites at 180 Gamma Drive in Pittsburgh. I’ll have more information as the date gets closer.

What’s Been Keeping Me Busy

Finally, I owe an explanation for why I’ve been so quiet lately. There is much happening behind the scenes. A few projects I can mention.

I’ve been busy creating educational materials for the Perfect Health Retreat. The second group of beta participants has been just as successful as the first; I’ll review their results later this month. But let me extend my sympathy to Jim, who lost 24 pounds in 4 weeks – continuing the string of remarkable weight loss stories at the Retreats – and had a great time in Austin, but returned home to find that his home had been burglarized. At least he’ll avoid the gastric bypass he was considering. Our best wishes, Jim.

Another project that has kept me busy is the Ancestral Health Society’s new journal, the Journal of Evolution and Health. This is an exciting project that will help bring the ancestral health movement more fully into the mainstream of science and medicine. The journal has gathered an impressive collection of scholars and clinicians for its editorial board – testimony to how much enthusiasm is behind the project. Expect to see the official launch and call for papers soon.

Shou-Ching and I are also working on our cookbook, and on other projects too. Stay tuned!