Jen Frazier on the Perfect Health Retreat

NOTE: We’ve had a late cancellation for this year’s retreat, April 30-May 7, so a spot is open. The next retreat is not until May 2017. Please consider joining us!

Jen Frazier of Fairfax, Virginia was a guest at the May 2015 Perfect Health Retreat. Jen kindly recorded a video for us discussing her experience at the retreat.

Some highlights:

  • “When I read up on this I realized it was the kind of best of everything put together in one place, plus I love the beach, plus I was due for a vacation, so it just seemed like the perfect timing of all the things that I needed in my life right now.”
  • “It’s been really nice being beachfront and seeing the dolphins and learning a whole lot, it’s been great.”
  • “I’ve been fascinated by all the science…. That’s one of the things that excited me the most about this.”
  • “What I loved about the cooking classes was the idea of intuitive cooking and looking at what you have and coming up with something, I love the she was able to make substitutions on the fly…. So the cooking classes were really valuable for me.”
  • “Some of [the exercise classes] I really have enjoyed and what I’ve learned is that there are certain types of exercise that I can do and that I can stick with, and types that I say, OK, I’m not really into that and I don’t think that I could stick with it if I did that. I actually did like that we learned a wide variety of exercises so that I know what I’m capable of doing and what I can commit to doing when I get home. In that respect I learned a lot about myself and what I think I can do.
  • “[My favorite part of the retreat was] probably all the science, just learning so much. Well really just the learning in general. The cooking classes has been a lot of good information for me…. Talking to Paul about the specifics of all the things I’m dealing with …. And looking at everything very holistically, even though he can get really specific he can back up and look at the big picture, I’ve been really enjoying that.”
  • “This [setting] is the bomb, this is great.”
  • “[The food] is really good.”
  • “I wish we had another week so that I could get to know people better. But yeah, we’re having a good time.”
  • “I’ve really gotten into the circadian stuff and am really enjoying my sleep.”
  • “I definitely will take [what I learned] home …. I’m really excited to get home and see what I can implement.”
  • “Paul actually thinks I’m not eating enough…. He encouraged me to eat more.”
  • “Everything is ready for everybody here…. I would maybe warn the introverts that there’s a lot of activity…. It’s all very exciting and it’s fun but I have to go back and recharge.”

Thank you Jen!

We are taking reservations now for the next Perfect Health Retreat to be held April 30 to May 7, 2016. Don’t miss this opportunity for a luxurious vacation combined with a week of learning that will pay a lifetime of dividends.

To learn about the retreat, visit the web pages under the Perfect Health Retreat tab, starting here. To reserve a room or for more information, please contact Paul Jaminet at or Whitney Ross Gray at



  1. Melanie Mullins

    Hi Paul, my mom is still struggling. She started taking vitamin D because a blood test said she was low, but it caused so much pain in her hips that she had to stop. Even though she stopped, her hips are still hurting. I wonder if the vitamin D worsened a preexisting Magnesium deficiency? She has taken Nexium for at least 10 years now, and one of it’s side effects is poor absorbtion of Magnesium. She is trying to wean herself off of it, but every attempt so far has caused an attack of GERD that she says feels like a blowtorch. She is currently taking K2, Magnesium (sterate, 200mg), kelp, and selenium. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Melanie,

      Great to hear from you. She might be low in vitamin A (does she eat liver?), or high in calcium. If she gets sunshine on bare skin that is the safest way to build up vitamin D.

      To help get off the Nexium, be sure to take adequate salt and iodine; do intermittent fasting; entrain circadian rhythms; support bile production by supplementing glycine (5 g/day), taurine (1 g/day), and vitamin C (2 g/day); take vinegar 3 tbsp per day, mix some with food and use a bit to flavor water, but not too much at once; 5 egg yolks per day, no whites.

      Best, Paul

    • hi Melanie,
      Are you sure that is magnesium sterate (spelled stearate),
      Mg stearate is generally used as an additive/filler, not as a Mg supplement.
      ( Tho it may be present as an additive is some Mg supps, & listed under ‘other ingredients’ )

  2. Thank you, sorry to be so slow to answer, I had a birthday and got distracted. I have an ox bile supplement I could give her if that would help too. She said she is going to follow all of your recommendations.

    Darrin, you are right, I was reading the “other ingredients” it is actually a magnesium glycinate/lysinate chelate.

  3. Paul, would love to see some new content 😳

    • My prediction is that you won’t see new content for quite a while. Recall that a few posts back Paul said he is starting a new biotech company. As with any entrepreneur, that is where all his attention will be. I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes an archive-only webpage by the end of December.

  4. Some joint pains can be alleviated by toning the supporting muscles with the use of resistance exercise such as weight training.

  5. Any news on the 2017 Perfect Health Retreat? My husband and I are planning to attend.

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