Happy Thanksgiving

We have much to be grateful for: above all for the people in our lives; including the many PHD readers who have brought us joy. Thank you!

Via David Warren, I came across this touching video (sadly, banned in France) in which Down’s syndrome kids speak of the joy of life:

Be sure to watch to the end. Let us smile with them, remember our blessings, and never be disheartened!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Paul!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Paul. Drove through Nadik the other day and thought of you (and sushi). Peggy Mandell

  3. Lovely video.
    Here’s another about Argentina’s first teacher with down syndrome:

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    I saw this study and was wondering if you would evaluate it for me. It is indicating that Chinese herbalists have higher mortality from kidney and other urinary organ cancers. I saw it in a forum post thread cautioning people to be wary of berberine and prefer metformin instead claiming that more is known about the safety of metformin.

    Since you have the expertise to evaluate this study and tell if it really merits concern and have been so kind as to answer questions I’ve posted before I thought of you to help answer whether this is a legitimate concern. Also since your wife is Chinese I thought you might have some interest in the subject. I know that sometimes studies are used to scare people and make a big deal of something when they really don’t indicate a large increase in risk but many people don’t know how to interpret the studies to know whether the claims being made about them are true.

  5. Every person with Down’s Syndrome that I’ve met has been particularly friendly and cheerful-natured — much more so than the average person you encounter. I find it rather inspiring actually, as I also know a variety of quite intelligent and able-bodied people who are deeply unhappy, self-absorbed, and simply draining to be around. It makes you wonder….

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