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The Perfect Health Retreat takes place in two adjacent properties, Pura Vida at 38 Porpoise Place and Casa Verde at 39 Porpoise Place, North Topsail Beach, North Carolina.

In one week, the retreat provides a comprehensive education in how to optimize health and live an ancestral lifestyle in the modern world.  The retreat program consists of daily science classes, to explain and motivate the advice; a series of movement classes, teaching every aspect of fitness, relaxation, and healing movement; and cooking classes before every meal and in evenings, show simple and efficient ways to generate delicious nourishing meals. Participants also enjoy a personal health coaching session with Paul Jaminet and have ample free time to spend with trainers, instructors, and the chef, or to relax at the beach, pool, or hot tub.

Rates are all-inclusive and include accommodations, all meals, educational and cooking classes, personal training, personal health coaching, and activities. Rates are $3150 per room for single occupancy and $2350 per person per room for double occupancy.

Rooms are selected by guests in order of reservation — first reservations get choice of rooms. The most popular rooms have been those facing the ocean; the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea is strongest in these rooms, and can be soothing at night.

Floor plans of each property may be viewed here. There are 22 bedrooms total, of which four are reserved for Perfect Health Retreat staff and 18 are available for guests. Cooking classes and meals are held on the fourth floor of Casa Verde; science lectures on the fourth floor of Pura Vida; movement classes on the ground floor of Casa Verde; and health coaching on the fourth floor of Pura Vida.

Bedrooms have either one king bed, one queen bed, or two double beds. Every bedroom has its own private bathroom. There are two “couples” bathrooms with larger baths featuring separate garden tubs and showers and two vanities and sinks, as well as large closets; these rooms are reserved for couples.

If you would like to attend as a family with two parents and children, contact us to discuss options. If you would like to try to save money by sharing a room with two double beds with a stranger, contact us and we will try to arrange a same-sex roommate, but cannot guarantee success. No such arrangement will be final until prospective roommates have met by telephone and agreed to the arrangement.

Photographs of representative rooms and baths can be found below.

Room Photos

We have not yet matched photos to room numbers; but these photos are representative of each type of room.

Ocean-Facing Rooms

These rooms have sliding doors with direct access to the deck.
casa verde 21
casa verde 28
casa verde 29
casa verde 42
casa verde 43

Other Rooms with King or Queen Beds

These rooms have normal windows.
casa verde 22
casa verde 26
casa verde 27
casa verde 41

Shared Bedrooms (Double Beds)

These are shared rooms. The upper bunk beds will not be used.
pura vida 67


This is a representative “master bedroom” bath, with separate garden tub and shower. Baths for other rooms have combination tub/showers.
pura vida 25 vrbo


We are taking reservations now for the May 2016 Perfect Health Retreat. Don’t miss this opportunity! To inquire, please contact Paul Jaminet at and 617-576-1753 or Whitney Ross Gray at and 910-763-8530.


Perfect Health Retreat … 254 N. Front St, 4th Floor, Wilmington, NC 28401 … 910-763-8530.
Copyright © 2014 PH Retreat NC, LLC. All rights reserved.

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  1. Will you be hosting more of these retreats? I can’t make this one, but would love to attend one in the future….

    Thank you

  2. Hello will you be hosting in 2016? My husband and I live overseas and will be coming back to to the states in 2016 and would love to do this. Thank you

  3. Christine Flato RHN

    I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in Canada.
    I teach wellness and weight loss at the Municipality in the city where I live.
    I am very interested in the retreat not only for myself but for my clients and wonder if you perhaps offer a working/learning opportunity for health practitioners. If so what would the cost be? I look forward to hearing from you..
    Warm Regards,
    Christine Flato

  4. What is the cost for two weeks, Paul? What would dates be in October and May 2016 for 2 weeks. Many thanks.

    • Hi Elsie,

      At the moment we are only holding retreats for 1 week. We have condensed the curriculum down so we’re very happy with what we teach in one week; and our idea is to develop a “graduate” curriculum so that guests can come back for new material.

      I expect May 2016 to be one week also.

      Best, Paul

      • Thanks for this, Paul. Being someone who has MS but able bodied, would I be able to get specific dietary / nutritional advice for this condition? I would be coming from the UK.

        • Hi Elsie,

          Our health coaching is always personalized. Since the cause of MS is not known, specific advice for MS has to be a little experimental in nature. There are always specific tweaks we can do for the individual person (ie not necessarily the condition but the person) when we see the whole case during health coaching — for example, addressing other symptoms may help with the MS. Also, we will have specific points of emphasis for you — for example, there is a chronic infectious component to MS, and so optimizing immunity will be a major point of emphasis for you; we might give similar advice to others but with less emphasis.

          We’re optimistic that the general program of the retreats is already highly optimized for MS, and we hope we’ll have a chance to help you.

          Best, Paul

  5. This is great. Would you look to hold retreats in Europe for example in future. I’m sure there is plenty of demand, Chris Kresser is holding seminars in London this year for example.

  6. Hello, My daughter-in-law thought I might find the PHD Retreat helpful. I am a retired RN, and I have lost 45 pounds, with much more to go, but need some behavior modification to make sure it stays off this time!
    I’m very interested in the Oct. 2015 Retreat. Is there still room available for a “single”? (Willing to share, if need be.)

  7. I am interested in your October 2015 retreat, however, I have environmental illness and was wondering if your retreats are totally fragrance free.

    • Hi Linda,

      I’m not aware of any fragrances, beyond the sea. The pools and hot tubs are salt water (no chlorine). We did have one meditation session that used essential oils, but you could skip that. To be sure, we rent the property for the duration of the retreats and I couldn’t tell you what laundry detergents they use to clean the linens or details like that. I think it’s unlikely you’d find it a problem.

  8. Are either of the buildings handicapped accessible? We would love to attend but my husband has ALS and cannot navigate stairs. He is very much into treating his illness with nutrition.

    • Hi Carol, there are elevators in both buildings, but ability to navigate stairs is needed to fully participate in the retreat. For example, to reach the beach you would have to navigate stairs (the dunes are protected and can only be crossed on a boardwalk with stairs down to the beach). We’ve had people as old as 82 and as obese as BMI 50, but so far everyone has been able to take stairs.

      If he were happy with partial participation, such as meals and science classes and health coaching and using the pools and hot tub or sitting on the decks, then he might still find it worthwhile.

  9. Thanks so much. Good to know there are elevators. We may be able to make this work!

  10. How do I proceed with making a reservation?

  11. 1Please list the prices for the 2016 retreats Thanks

    • For reservations made by Jan 1, $2950 for a single-occupancy room and $2250 per person double occupancy. After Jan 1, $3250 single-occupancy, $2450 double occupancy.

      Best, Paul

  12. Deplin and enlyte are prescribed for depression. They are medical foods – a usable form of folic acid – L-methylfolate CA. Some people cannot metobalize folic acid naturally. Your opinions, please.

  13. Hi Paul Jaminet,
    How exciting this is being offered. I hear about you on all the paleo podcasts.
    When is the next retreat, and would this ever be made into a two week retreat? My husband and I would like to take vacation for two weeks minimum. I follow the AIP version of paleo for various health conditions. This would be a great way to reinforce what I already know and learn more, and get my husband learning as well and get him more fully on board so we can be a fully paleo family.
    Thank you..

    • Hi Lisa,

      Unfortunately we haven’t yet scheduled the next retreat due to obligations to our cancer startup, Angiex ( So I’m not sure when it will be.

      We’ve done two week retreats in the past but found that we could get 80% of the material in during a 1-week retreat and that worked better for most people. You could take an additional week in the area, it’s a popular tourist area. and we do retreats at its best time of year.

      Best, Paul

  14. Will you have a retreat in 2017?

  15. I am interested in the May 2017 retreat. How can I apply or get more information on dates etc?

    • Hi Sharon,

      Unfortunately, we’ve had to suspend the retreats due to obligations to our cancer company, Angiex ( There are no retreats scheduled at present.

      Best, Paul

  16. Kathleen Reyes

    Is this even in existence? I am seeing things posted over 3 years ago and older! It all sounds good, but not sure that these folks are in business!!

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