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A Few Notes

I expect to put up the next exercise post shortly. It’s been delayed by some good things, including our Netherlands vacation and a visit from my father.

The original edition of our book will go off sale within the next few days. You may still be able to purchase it, but we recommend waiting for the new and improved Scribner edition, which you can pre-order and will receive about Dec 11:

At the new book’s Amazon page under “Editorial Reviews,” you can find short reviews from Chris Kresser, Mark Sisson, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, Seth Roberts, Court Wing, and Aaron Blaisdell. Amazon has also moved our first edition customer reviews to the new book’s page.

I’m working on a few web site improvements which you should see over the next month, including a forum.

Finally, to those waiting for answers on the Q&A thread, I expect to get caught up there by next week. Sorry for the delay!