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Weight Loss Guru Radio

A quick note: I’ll be appearing live tomorrow on Weight Loss Guru Radio with host Pete Cohen. The show will be at 3 pm Eastern time / noon Pacific / 8 pm London time, and can be heard on Blogtalkradio here.

Pete is a London-based talk show host and his previous guests include a broad range of interesting people, many outside the Paleo community but also such familiar names as Gary Taubes, Mark Sisson, Zoe Harcombe, and Sean Croxton. Check out his prior shows here.

UPDATE: Pete mentioned that he liked our recipes and Shou-Ching’s photo art, which can be found here.

A Few Discounted Products

Every once in a while vendors offer product discounts to PHD readers. I usually don’t pass them on, but here are a few that strike me as attractive.

First, Neely Quinn of PaleoPlan has put together an extensive package of Paleo products at a significant discount. I’m not usually interested in these packages but this one has some interesting items, such as:

All told the package has retail products with a list price of $485 for $39. Go here to learn more.

Second, Vintage Tradition wants to offer PHD readers a 20% discount on their body balm made of grass-fed tallow, olive oil, and essential oils. The balm was reviewed positively in the Wise Traditions newsletter of the Weston A Price Foundation. To get your 20% discount, follow this link.