Biodynamics Now Podcast

Allan Balliett is a biodynamic farmer in Shepherdstown, West Virginia who through Fresh and Local CSA provides the Washington DC metro area with grass-finished meats, vegetables, and other great foods.

Allan is active in the Weston A. Price Foundation – we met at Wise Traditions 2011 – and he operates the leading podcast for biodynamic farmers, Biodynamics Now.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Allan about a variety of topics in his latest podcast. It can be found here: Biodynamics Now Podcast! Episode 011 Dr. Paul Jaminet, author of Perfect Health Diet. Enjoy!

  1. Always glad to find your newest podcast!
    I liked your point about animals providing a first pass and putting all that into perspective
    The dosing on K2 was new material for me also and I have been a fan of Life Extension (lab work/ phone health consultant support, quality supplements) for a long time. I find a ten point drop in BP the weeks I am drinking Raw Milk and I suspect it is due to K2 but I am guessing. Two seperate dentists told us both out of the blue that it had appeared that our teeth were *remineralizing*, which really stunned me. I just returned from the Jordan/Sirian border and I went a month without the K2 and I notice my teeth do not appear as “dense” ad my BP ran higher there but that could have been for all kinds of reasons.

  2. Drs Jaminet, you must be very proud! Thank you both for the work you have done.

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