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On Tuesday (“Toward a Proof of the PHD”) I noted some recent PHD success stories and my desire to prove to skeptics that our diet and lifestyle advice really does heal. On Thursday (“A New Venture: Perfect Health Retreat”) I gave a pre-launch look at one way we hope to achieve that end: the establishment of Perfect Health Retreats at an upscale lodging facility in Austin, Texas.

Today, I’m happy to say we’ve officially launched:


Check out the program web site: Perfect Health Retreat. You can find there a syllabus of the educational program, information about the property, views of meals you’ll be served (PHD compliant, gourmet in taste, prepared by a professional chef), information about the exercise programs, other activities and classes, and pricing. If you have any interest at all in the program, please contact me at 617-576-1753 or, or Whitney Ross Gray at 910-763-8530 or at

As I mentioned on Thursday, we’ve been running a beta program while developing program materials. I’m very happy that every one of the beta program participants has experienced significant health improvements. On Thursday, I shared the story of Jorjan Cullender Hendrix, whose autoimmune disease has gone into remission. Today I’d like to share a few more stories from beta participants.

Ruth Slattery’s Story

My name is Ruth Slattery. I am a sixty year old wife and mother of five sons all born at home.

I have always believed in a natural, whole foods approach to life. Having a degree in anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin made understanding and accepting the philosophy and science of the Perfect Health Diet by Paul Jaminet PHD and Shou-Ching Jaminet PHD logical and easy. The atmosphere and support at Albert Oaks makes the transition to a well rounded healthy lifestyle as easy as possible. The delicious meals by chef/owner Damon Young, oak covered grounds,chicken coop, orchard and beautiful vegetable gardens remind us of and attach us to the natural food and life experiences. Participants are encouraged to join in on caring for the chickens, gardening and cooking if interested. Personally I enjoy tending the chickens and gardening.

At Albert Oaks one learns the importance of proper light exposure, sleep, exercise and nutrition in acquiring and maintaining good health. Teleconferencing with Dr. Jaminet on a regular basis is very helpful in clearing up any questions and really understanding the total concept of the PHD.

I was diagnosed with lupus nine years ago and am affected with chronic muscle and joint pain and chronic fatigue. For the past year and a half, I have been participating in a lupus clinical trial with no obvious improvement.

Since following the PHD lifestyle suggestions, my joint pain, fatigue and range of motion have definitely improved and I have lost four pounds and an inch around the waist! I would recommend this lifestyle philosophy for everyone-no matter what or if there is a health or weight issue involved.

I’m quite happy that we had two sufferers from autoimmune disease in the beta program, and both improved. Lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome, and other autoimmune diseases are rather mysterious ailments to the medical community, and it is good to see that a natural ancestral lifestyle can heal them.

Charles Kevin Rackley’s Story

I had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes a little over a year before beginning the Perfect Health Diet, though my glucose had been high for some time before.  I did not achieve any level of blood glucose control during that time.  Meanwhile, neuropathy in my feet was steadily getting worse.

Following the program at Albert Oaks was easier than anticipated.  Although I was working full-time, I was easily able to adapt the concepts of intermittent fasting to my needs.  The satisfying meals and daily exercise became second nature, and the comfort of the facility and the attentiveness of the staff made it a pleasure just to be there.

The results of my month at Albert Oaks were startling.  The eight-pound weight loss was welcome, though not extraordinary in itself. The four inch reduction in my waist line was very welcome.  More importantly, my glucose levels plummeted into the normal range, for the first time in over a decade. Though I am still taking my medication for now, it is not unreasonable to think I may be able to revisit that issue with my physician in the near future.

Now back at home, I am excited about finding new ways to employ the principles of the Perfect Health Diet.  I was at a family dinner at a restaurant this week, and it was simple to make good choices.  I am eager to explore this new, healthy direction in my life.

Charles’s fasting blood glucose dropped from 160 to 95 mg/dl – severely diabetic to normal – in about a month.

Eva Jo Scott’s Story

At the end of the 30 day plan of PHD of Albert Oaks Retreat, I have seen an increase of energy, weight loss and reduced waist size, and decrease of pain medication.

At the beginning of the plan, my energy level was so low that I required naps several times a day. I still do not fully understand the science of PHD but the results are amazing.  By eating a balanced diet and having exercise planned around my physical disabilities (my knees need replacing, they currently are bone to bone), I am able to move around more and I have more energy.

I went from taking 6 pain pills a day at the beginning, to taking 2-3 a day towards the end of the month. Exercise and diet for the thirty days left me 6 pounds lighter and two inches smaller around the waist.  The group setting was very helpful because we developed personal friendships. We were there for each other when a shoulder was needed.

The accommodations and staff were 5-star, and the food provided by Chef Damon was top notch. It really is a lifestyle change, not a diet.  Now that I’m on my own at home, I’ve been able to keep up with about 90% of the changes, but I believe the lacking 10% will be following shortly.

The property has facilities for the Primal 7 movement exercises and a skilled Primal 7 physical trainer on staff. The nice thing about Primal 7 is that, thanks to the use of straps to support body weight, the movements can be performed even by the severely disabled, obese, injured, or weak. The difficulty of the movements can be adapted to anyone’s capabilities. There is also a gym membership and opportunities for running, swimming, and other activities, but it is important to incorporate some form of activity even for those whose health is too poor to permit vigorous exercise, and the property is set up to provide that.


Chronic health conditions develop over the course of decades and can rarely be reversed overnight. Healing them requires significant dietary and lifestyle changes. To make dramatic changes and maintain them for the rest of one’s life, it’s important to understand the scientific rationale for the changes and to have the confidence that comes from deep understanding and from actually living and experiencing the beneficial effects of the changes.

The great virtue of the Perfect Health Retreat program is that it has all these ingredients of long-term success:

  • The educational program provides the scientific foundations and gives participants the confidence that comes from understanding.
  • The experience of eating PHD food prepared by a master chef for a month, and learning how to prepare it one’s self, teaches that healthful food can be delicious and satisfying.
  • The physical activity program shows that in as little as 20 minutes a day can make a large difference in health; and that anyone can engage in beneficial physical activity.
  • Simple steps like controlling light exposure, sleep time, meal times, and other circadian rhythm factors can have a big impact on health.

With such positive results from the beta program, I’m very optimistic that Perfect Health Retreats will go a long way toward helping the ancestral health movement establish that ancestral diets and lifestyle can be highly effective methods of healing.

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  1. looks phenomenal! i hope that my wife and i will be able to afford to attend some day!

  2. Fantastic Paul, best of luck!

  3. leo delaplante

    wishing you all the best is this new endeavor and hopefully the start of many more phd retreats to come

  4. Hi Paul,

    At the retreat, since these people are not well, do you omit the intermittent fasting? Just curious!

    • Hi Kathy,
      This is Damon from Albert Oaks and we are hosting the Perfect Health Retreat.
      We do not require that anyone do the intermittent fasting, but we encourage it if we think it could be helpful. I consult directly with Paul on whether or not we want to recommend it to any guest.
      Thus far, most everyone has done it and within a day or two have had no problem with it.

    • In older people, and so far the beta participants have all been over 45, there are very few conditions in which intermittent fasting isn’t helpful. Usually when it is problematic there are signs, such as hunger or symptoms of adrenal stress, in which we case we encourage eating, though a full meal may not be needed. Fasting is always optional, and we encourage people to listen to their bodies.

  5. This would be a dream to attend. Congratulations on making it happen.
    I certainly see the value in the ‘immersion’ program. I’m putting it out there that there would likely be a big demand for an online program. Any thoughts to the possibility of making the education modules available to those who cannot attend the retreat?

  6. Hi Paul and Shou-Ching and Damon-

    I’m happy for you guys to have pursued this and it’s great that it’s working for you.

    I think one of the factors which is difficult in the Ancestral Health Community is continuity, and it’s great to hear this initial success stories, but also the ones who continue to experience success like erp or the three of you.

  7. I wish you the best during this retreat and urge you to make the best of it.

  8. Paul or Damon

    Do you have anyone at the retreat who takes naps, or do you generally discourage them? I’m dealing with constant fatigue – i.e. there might be one bad night of sleep per week and I feel as though the resulting fatigue is disproportionate in response to the one bad night.

  9. Hi LJ,

    We have no nap-takers, but I don’t think it would be discouraged. My instinct reply is that if you body is wanting you to nap, you probably need it.

    Are you on a circadian rhythm? Do you rid your environment of blue light a couple of hours before sleep?

  10. An online program is really a good idea! You can at least re-echo to others what you have learned during the retreat. It would also be better if you make some how-to articles for the benefit of your readers!


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  13. Thanks for sharing all these inspiring testaments to your retreat and program. It sounds like you are really leading the way with your sound, natural health principles.

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