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Seth Roberts died on Saturday, while hiking near his home in Berkeley. Aaron Blaisdell and others have written eloquently of this untimely loss. I’ll write my own appreciation of Seth soon. For now, my prayers and condolences to Seth and his family.

That news dampened my spirits, but some aspects of life go on. For those who are interested in weight loss, today is the day when my discussion of weight loss with Katherine Watkins goes live at her Total Fat Loss Solution summit. Today’s schedule:

Dr Datis Kharrazian:  The Role of the Immune System in Weight Loss Resistance

  • How the balance of bacteria in our gut affects our weight
  • How leaky gut makes it difficult for us to lose fat
  • The contribution of inflammation to weight gain
  • How foods we eat may be causing immune reactions and weight gain

Paul Jaminet:  A Perfect Health Approach to Weight Loss

  • How circadian rhythm disruption may be sabotaging our weight loss attempts
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting for weight loss
  • The optimal amount of exercise for losing fat
  • FREE GIFT – Perfect Health Diet Weight Loss Tips

Sarah Ballantyne:  Paleo, Weight Loss and Health

  • Sarah’s amazing story of how she lost 100llbs twice – the unhealthy and the healthy way!
  • Why the Paleo diet is so good for weight loss
  • How to follow a Paleo diet for healthy and sustainable fat loss
  • FREE GIFT – Paleo Quickstart Guide

This is an all-star lineup. Sarah is the author of the fantastic book The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body. She’s a Ph.D. scientist and one of the smartest and most careful people in Paleo. Datis Kharrazian is the well-known endocrine doctor and author of a popular thyroid book, Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal.

All three talks are free today! To listen, click the image:

Total Fat Loss Solution

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  1. This is sad news. Seth Roberts’s work has been an inspiration. What he taught me about life and health, about what it means to be a teacher and a learner, has been invaluable.

    Man is the animal who has one foot in two worlds: the human world and the natural world: and thus we are the animal that can reflect on our own animality. Roberts was a pioneer in the rigorous exploration of the natural body through the use of his own body as the measure. He gave a new meaning to the old saying that “Man is the measure of all things.”

    The Berkeley, El Cerrito and Oakland Hills must be among the most beautiful regional parks in the world. They are sacred places. I shall remember him there if I return.

  2. I am so sorry. I learned many valuable things from him-including your book.

    If his death was a result of his self experiments, it is a very unfair consequence. Usual suspect is the flaxseed he consumed which may caused a hemorrhage.

    Anyways, he influnced me deeply and i will remember him everyday when doing my reaction time test.

  3. got a lot of new insights, you should definitly do something similar again.

  4. thanks for letting us know about Seth, Paul. Prayers go out to him and his family. He was an interesting guy and I always enjoyed his stories of how trusting the experts went wrong.

  5. Hi

    Are all the recommendations on your supplements page free of gluten?

    I’m having some kind of adverse reaction from yesterday and I just want to rule out the supplements that I had started from yesterday. I was sleepless at night with a mild headache and inability to concentrate in the morning. I’m hoping it is something else.

  6. Saddened about the loss of Seth Roberts — he was a unique and valuable thinker. His blog was filled with original ideas and leads that helped innumerable people, and will doubtless help more as they will be popularized through the paleo and quantified self movements.

    Hopefully some information about the cause of his death will be forthcoming though it doesn’t seem to currently be available. A great loss for everyone.

  7. Sending the family of Seth Roberts my prayers and well wishes of comfort.


  8. Hi Paul. Can give me your insight on the Autoimmune Protocol? Alot of people with Hashi’s have followed it with great results. I have Hashimoto’s, and raynauds. I would like to know your opinion and if there are any risks of following it. I truly believe PHD is the best diet for everyone, but with an autoimmune condition I’m wondering if I could benefit from removing some sensivities. It is basically PHD without eggs, nightshades – tomatoes, peppers – seeds, cocoa, and white potatoes. Also, on circadian rhythms is it best to eat carbs earlier (breakfast or lunch) or at dinner? From my understanding daytime is better but you advice skipping breakfast so I am not sure on that one.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Maria,

      As you say, the Autoimmune Protocol is basically PHD without New World plants and eggs. I think most autoimmune people will do just fine including (a) cooked egg yolks, whites discarded, and (b) well handled potatoes — peel them and remove discolored areas as a precaution. Also, many seem to handle cooked nightshades OK, ie tomatoes or peppers cooked in a stew or spaghetti sauce are OK, not raw tomatoes. I prefer the least restrictive diet that is tolerable.

      Carbs should be eaten at every meal, but with a slight bias toward later in the day (protein slightly biased toward earlier in the day), especially for sweet carbs like fruit, berries, honey, dairy. All food should be eaten in the daytime, food should never be eaten at night (except perhaps a very small dessert).

  9. Hi Paul,

    The Free Online event now costs $197 to hear. Would you happen to have a transcript of your portion…very interested in what you presented.

    • Hi Brak,

      I’ll be coming out with a free weight loss ebook soon and later more comprehensive book and video materials. I would recommend waiting for those.

      • Hi Paul,

        Yay! great news…just getting back to your stuff after straying for a while. Yours seems the least extreme and most sensible approach, but often, more extreme things can be shiny enough to catch the eye and distract. Good to be back and thanks for the personal involvement.
        BTW, while poking around, I found a Q&A with some resistant starch folks and was surprised by your response to the guy who wanted to see you so he could validate your responses with your physique. I never thought of you as being particularly fit or studly so I expected a more reasoned response that a Dr. might give along the lines of a coach not needing to dunk to win in the NBA.(and MDs…specifically surgeons are notorious for having a surprisingly high % of obesity). But you showed a vid of you jogging instead, where you appeared to be in really great shape…but still noticibly a Dr. – evidenced by your stiff form and illegible handwriting (JK). Good to see your diet is working so well for you. I am hoping I can get back into it and see the good results I did in the past as well.

  10. Thanks Paul, good to know it’s still on the cards. I’ve listened to this talk but I was hoping for something more substantial I suppose. I know the theory but I’d like more structure such as examples of menus and recipes which you use at the perfect health retreat (which sadly I could never attend due to distance and associated costs).

    If you made it into a book, I for one would gladly purchase it.

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