Of Recovery, Hope, and Happiness

This blog is written for everyone:  for healthy people who want to maximize their fitness, energy, and longevity; and for ill people trying to recover.

But in a special way, this blog is directed toward patients suffering from chronic disease who are searching for hope and an effective path forward.

Medicine does not know how to treat chronic diseases. Chronic disease patients are usually told that their disease is incurable, because available treatments do not cure.  Doctors hope only to manage symptoms and maybe slow progression a bit.

Medicine does not work because:

  • Diet and nutrition are crucial to a cure – but most people, especially most chronic disease patients, eat unhealthy diets.  How many chronic disease patients drink sugary beverages?  Most, because a glucose spike will make them feel better for an hour by relieving intracellular hypoglycemia.  Yet this same glucose spike enables bacteria to reproduce and promotes disease progression.
  • The ubiquity, devastating effects, and potential for effective treatment of occult infections have not been appreciated by biomedical researchers, because (a) the pathogens are so hard to detect, (b) the pathogens usually cannot be studied in culture, (c) their effects are variable in different persons and different sites of infection, and (d) the infections don’t respond to the usual 2-to-6 week courses of antibiotics that work against acute infections. 

A principal goal of this blog is to show chronic disease patients how to progress toward health by eating a healthy diet that maximizes their immunity against infection.  Combined with appropriate antibiotics, many chronic diseases can be cured; virtually all can be slowed in their progress.

In early posts, I have written of several cures:  of Ladybug’s cure of fibromyalgia, and Sarah Wheldon’s cure of multiple sclerosis. For knowledge of an effective path forward is the father to health, and knowledge that others have trod that path successfully is the mother to hope and persistence.

One of the effects of my own illness had been to eliminate my happiness.  I had always been happy, and then, gradually, I wasn’t.  For years I had an emotional dullness that verged on irritability or anger. Yet when I took antibiotics, there was an immediate change – an overwhelming euphoria that lasted days – followed by a return to normalcy. I became happy again. Now I wake up every morning with a feeling of immense gratitude. I am happy always, and can’t stop smiling.

Ladybug, the Australian painter who cured her fibromyalgia, tells me she has the same gratitude and delight in life.  But, a talented artist, she expresses them much more eloquently. I hope readers will enjoy this painting as much as I do. Here is Ladybug, “On Top of the Hill”:

On Top of the Hill

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