The “Color Companion”

We’ve made available for download (in a sidebar box) a PDF file we call the “Color Companion.” It has all the color images from the book, with some commentary. If you want to see the book pictures as they were meant to be seen, please download the Color Companion.

You can also learn the identity and career preferences of the cartoonist who drew this:

A Few Administrative Matters

Most e-book buyers in the US have probably received their books by now. Most e-book buyers in Australia and Europe will probably get their books next week or early the following week.

Now that the book is widely available through online sites, we’ve taken down the links for buying through the site. We’ve created a “Buy the Book” page with information on how to purchase the book; this will be the place where we add information about bulk purchases, e-books, buying from remote parts of the world, and such things.

  1. What a nice supplement to the book. The pictures of food make it so much easier to think of ways to plan meals. Nice work guys.

  2. Thank you, erp.

    It was tough to spend many months writing looking at color pictures and then have to look at grayscale book images.

    That, plus the ability to follow links, is converting me to e-book formats.

  3. I know you’re both busier than anyone ought to be, but I’d love a diet plan with suggested menus and of course, pictures.

    Your picture of chopped meat and rice on a cabbage leaf was a “smack on the head” moment. The delicious taste of stuffed cabbage without the bother. That’s something we’ll definitely put into the meal plan mix.

  4. Where can I find the link to your Perfect Health Diet Color Companion pdf? I remember seeing it one time but I cannot seem to find the link now.


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