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The in-laws are now “in-laws once removed,” and life is back to normal.

Our guests like nature as much as we do, so we spent most of the last 5 days outdoors. Since I haven’t had time to do a real post, I thought I’d share a few photos (click to enlarge).

This is a New Hampshire landmark, the Indian Head:

A leading New Hampshire tourist attraction, the Basin:

A light snow fell as we hiked.

The trail crosses the stream here, and we decided to end the hike rather than try to step across these rocks:

I’ve been wearing Vibram Fivefingers for the last two years and a new model, the Bikila, is much better for winter hiking. No frostbite in these:

Our guests thought the fungi on these trees were the ingredient for Chinese Lingzhi herbal tea, but I have my doubts:

We gathered one for scientific examination:

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  1. I think that is Fomitopsis pinicola. I would not eat it as it is likely not the same species as what is found in Asia.

  2. Yeah, actually it’s not even in the same genus. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Monica!

    It’s now at an art school being used as a decoration.

  4. Great pictures.

  5. Looks like you’re having good fun in the snow. Something I can never get enough of living here in the South (though I imagine I’d tire of it by the end of a NH Winter!).

    Does anyone have a sense if the expeller pressed odorless brands of coconut oil retain the same health benefits as extra virgin oil? This variety (link below), for instance, claims to use no chemicals in ‘semi-refining’ the oil. A filtering process and ‘steam-distillation’ removes the coconut flavor and odor without producing trans fats.

    As someone who hates, hates, hates any whiff or taste of coconut, and is only interested in the oil for its health benefits and not its flavor, what do you think? Is this a viable option for getting MCTs?


  6. Hi RW,

    I haven’t tried that brand. I notice Matt Stone recently recommended a similar brand of refined oil: http://www.amazon.com/Tropical-Traditions-Organic-Expeller-Pressed/dp/B000VVXP32/.

    The kind we buy is also available in a 1 gallon tub for a bit more: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0016BO5EY/

    I guess we’ll have to experiment with the refined brands and see what they’re like.

    As far as health, they’ll all have the same MCT profile. So the question is do they have any toxins/contaminants? And how do they taste?

    Best, Paul

  7. Is there any argument for skipping the coconut oil and going straight to MCT oil itself, as bottled and offered by sports-related retailers?

  8. Hi Kathy, Buying the MCT oil is perfectly fine. Taste/palatability would be the main issue.

  9. Hey Paul,

    So the Bikilas are good for colder temps? I’ve had a pair for approx 2 months and never thought of them to use in the snow, but I’ll now give it a shot.

    The KSOs defintiely are not so good when the mercury drops!

    PS I’m fairly new to the blog and have already learned a lot. Much appreciated!

  10. Hi Robert,

    Yes, they’re not as warm as shoes and socks, but much better than the KSOs. The snow wasn’t deep or wet, so that helped. Good circulation helps!

  11. RW – I also hat and despise the taste and smell of coconut oil and after really trying for two months, finally gave it up last week. Instead of getting better, the repulsion was getting worse

    Would you email me at erp617@yahoo.com and let me know if you find a product that passes your taste and smell test.

    I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

  12. “in-laws once removed”?

  13. Hi chuckpen,

    An allusion to an old joke by Sydney Smith. He had some first cousins visting him, they fell sick and had to stay for three weeks. He joked to a friend, “I wish these were first cousins once removed!”

  14. gotcha…thx. i am a simple man.

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