Tom Naughton’s “Fat Head”

Tom Naughton, the hilarious producer and star of the movie “Fat Head,” tells us his movie is now availabe on Hulu. Enjoy! It’s a treat.

  1. Mike M. in Arizona

    I just started watching this again today.

    I want to get through the extras on the DVD as well.

  2. Hi,
    Colostrum looks like it could help healing, would there be any negatives to this?

  3. It seems to be safer than most bovine dairy products. If you have a dairy sensitivity there could be issues.

  4. ok, thanks. I wasn’t sure whether to be worried about the growth hormones, but that could be why it helps healing.

  5. Absolutely one of my favorite food videos. A must see for the real truth about saturated fat.

  6. Excellent movie, thanks for sharing!

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