A Nice Comment to Wake Up To

Patrik left a very nice comment this morning:

Having just read the PHD-book, I feel quite happy to say it is the most concise and insightful book on diet I have ever read. Coming from a Kwasniewski/OD background I feel it takes his concepts forward in very important ways (food toxins, O6 avoidance etc) while maintaining ODs fundament (like the starch-recommendation to just barely use the GNG mechanism). As a software-developer I appreciate that this leads to a diet that is fault-tolerant and have redundancy in achieving good nourishment.

Thank you Patrik! That’s about as concise and generous a review as an author could hope for.

Framing everything in terms of toxicity and nourishment is the major innovation of our book. Thinking in those terms is especially important, I believe, for weight loss — this week’s topic. More on that shortly.

  1. Love your blog so I’m going to subscribe

  2. Dear Paul and Shou-Ching:

    I’m a general internist specializing in diabetes prevention, and after 12 years at University Hospitals of Cleveland I am now, as of Jan 1, at the Wellness Institute of the Cleveland Clinic.

    Please check out my blog, Your Health is on Your Plate, and consider adding it to your blogroll. My primary goal in starting the blog (Sept 2009) was to teach readers how to tell the difference between real food and manufactured calories. I post weekly about all different kinds of aspects of the above.

    Take care and be well. Best wishes for a happy and healthy year. Roxanne Sukol

  3. Hi Roxanne,

    Welcome! Your blog looks great and I’ve added it to our blogroll. (You might consider adding ours too, if you think our advice is good.)

    By the way, a niece just graduated from Case Western Reserve and is entering the medical field … so I have a connection out your way.

    Best, Paul

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