Chris Kresser’s Paleo Detox Program

Occasionally readers email us and ask if we do health consultations for an hourly fee. We don’t. (We do our best to respond to questions however.)

We’re happy to refer those looking for advice to Chris Kresser, who recently launched his own alternative medicine practice. We have great confidence in Chris.

Chris has created a service called the “Paleo Detox Program.” Here is a video in which he describes the program:

The program starts in February. Here is a link to register:

  1. Can one live on a very low carb diet? thank you

  2. Hi Jim,

    You can live – the question is, how long?

    We think if you eat 600 calories/day carb+protein, and at least 200 calories/day carbs, then you can live a very long time. Those intakes represent the bottom of our “perfect health” ranges. A few people may need even higher intake.

    We have concerns if you try to reduce intake below that, which are discussed in our “zero-carb dangers” series. See:

    1st installment, can there be a glucose deficiency?:
    2nd installment, gastrointestinal cancers:
    3rd installment, scurvy:
    4th installment, kidney stones:

    There will be more installments later.

    If you do choose to go very low-carb, be sure to eat adequate protein, and we would also recommend eating short-chain fats from, e.g., coconut oil or palm kernel oil.

    Best, Paul

  3. I’m a fan of the PHD blog and I recently bought and read your book, and have been following much of your advice. I’ll take your word for it that Kessler knows what he’s doing. But I have to say, this video made me cringe. The “toxins” language seems only mildly excessive in your writing, but here it’s way over the top. “Detoxification,” pictures of smokestacks and no-context scare statistics like “companies make x trillion tons of y different chemicals” or “a study showed there are 95 different toxins in your body” …the whole “detoxification” thing …this is stuff that I and many others have long come to associate with pseudoscience and health scams. I understand that you (and presumably Kessler) aren’t using the terms that way, but this video doesn’t make the difference very clear.

  4. Hi Peter,

    We are inclined to agree with Bruce Ames and Lois Gold – cited in our book – that food toxins exert a much bigger effect on health than environmental toxins.

    I also think the video went over the top in a few statements – like the statement that there are more pollutants released now than ever. A century ago, Londoners rarely saw the sun, the soot was so thick. In the US, we have cleaned up air and water quite remarkably in the last 50 years.

    But we’ll overlook some marketing hyperbole from our friends.

    I think Chris’s program is focused on reducing food toxins and nourishing the body so that it can remove toxins from any source. That’s a worthwhile thing to do.

    Best, Paul

  5. hiya, love ur website! just a quick briefing on my past, i’m 20years old and been primal for just under a year now. I have cataminal epilepsy and it hasn’t really been under control-ever!Only since my g.p has up’d my dosage to 800mg of tegretol a day now i don’t really know why i’m writing to you and don’t know what i’m asking you either but i guess i want to know if you have any advice on epilepsy and eating? I’m pretty good at my diet as i follow and my training is good to. If you have time to get back to me that would be great cheers..

  6. Hi Jordan,

    Have you tried our version of the ketogenic diet? Click on the “Ketogenic Diet” category for posts.

    Best, Paul

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