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My interview with Jimmy Moore is up: Paul Jaminet Offers ‘Perfect Health’ (Episode 453).

For new visitors, we are a low-to-moderate-carb Paleo diet that resembles traditional Pacific Islander and East Asian diets. But our focus is on optimizing health and healing and preventing disease through diet and nutrition.

Our book offers a four-step program for perfect health. Steps One and Two implement a low-carb Paleo diet. Step Three optimizes nutrition, and explains why everyone needs to supplement a little. Step Four discusses how to optimize immunity to heal and prevent disease.

Some posts you might find interesting:

Thanks Jimmy! I had a lot of fun talking to you, and I hope your listeners enjoy the interview and our site!

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  1. Hi bappanchick,

    Yes, diet can definitely help hair thickness and quality.

    Most people would delay their hair turning gray by 10-20 years by keeping their thyroid healthy and taking antioxidants (zinc, copper, vitamin C, selenium).

    There are other manipulations you can do too. If you want hair to grow fast, try vitamin B12. Not sure if this would help hair re-grow, but it might.

    Best, Paul

  2. Hi Paul,
    I would like to ask you if your book discusses in detail the problems with internal pathogens you talked about with Jimmy Moore. This was a pretty new idea to me and it left me intrigued. I have never seen this discussed in the paleo community.

    I have recently learned about jaw bone cavitations from tooth extraction and how they harbor toxins and bacteria that can cause disease. I’m fairly certain I have a cavitation and I plan on making an appointment with a dentist to investigate. Will I find relevant info in your book about issues like this, or do you have any opinions/resources to share?

    Thanks for your time,

  3. Hi Hannah,

    Well, Step Four is about enhancing immunity against infectious diseases. We don’t go into specific diseases much because the general strategies are similar for all. Eventually, the blog will go into a lot of detail about many diseases. But the ideas in the book are foundational.

    Tooth infections do have a way of spreading to the rest of the body and are associated with a large number of diseases. Their relation to disease is something I would like to explore on the blog, but haven’t done so yet.

    Best, Paul

  4. Hello Paul,

    Good interview. I have started a series of posts discussing some “ketomyths” that are around the net. I have posted the first two, which might interest you:

    Mucus deficiency and KD: http://www.ketotic.org/2011/03/ketomyths.html

    Scurvy and KD: http://www.ketotic.org/2011/03/ketomyths-ii.html

    PS. Thank you for the link!

  5. Hi Lucas,

    I’m glad to give you a link and wish you success. It’s good to see a nutritionist working on ketogenic diets.

    As you know I think the ketogenic diet can be a helpful therapy and isn’t essentially dangerous – though it’s important to avoid the “zero-carb dangers.” If you’ve read our book, you know that a lot of mammals are on ketogenic diets!

    Best, Paul

  6. Paul, I enjoyed the interview, and I hope you have the opportunity to be on more podcasts talking about the PHD.

    Tangential question….did Jimmy pronounce your name correctly? I was going for something decidedly more French…Zhah-men-nay.

    If Jimmy was correct, I’ll try to adjust!

  7. Hi Michelle,

    I go for one-third French … Jam – in – nay.

    Maybe in Paris I’ll try Zhah mee nay! Actually, a lot of Jaminet’s in French phone books.

    Best, Paul

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