Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It is a day of gratitude, and of fellowship.

Shou-Ching and I have much to be grateful for, but most especially the fellowship on this blog.

Our book, Perfect Health Diet, was released a year ago. Many have found it helpful, as the stories on our Results page indicate. But its success in finding an audience is entirely due to readers who have recommended it to their friends and family.

We are most grateful to all those who have helped to spread the word. We firmly believe that diet, nutrition, and appropriate antimicrobial medicines are the proper path to curing most if not all disease; and that this strategy will work a revolution in medical practice. As authors, our fondest hope is that our ideas will receive a fair hearing; contribute to the triumph of truth; and help bring good health to all. Good health is and should be our birthright!

Special thanks is due to Aaron Blaisdell and the Ancestral Health Society, for organizing the Ancestral Health Symposium and an upcoming journal; Sally Fallon and the Weston A Price Foundation, for inviting Paul to Wise Traditions 2011 (DVD of Paul’s talks available here); to CrossFit NYC, for hosting our recent talk in New York City; and to Dr Mercola, for discussing us in his newsletter and an upcoming video interview.

Above all, we are grateful to our readers, especially those who have made our little community on this blog so pleasant by commenting and sharing your stories. We hope to get caught up answering questions on the Q&A page soon, and ask those who try our suggestions to share their outcomes. Together, with a process of experimental exploration, we can develop knowledge that helps others find perfect health.

Finally, Shou-Ching’s photo art:

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Love the book and try to follow it (will be difficult at my sister’s today). One of my stupid questions is, does taking supplements break the 16 hour fast?


  2. Dear Shou-Ching and Paul

    Have a wonderful and healthy Thangsgiving!!


  3. Hi Paul,

    I was the room monitor at the WAPF seminar in Dallas. Just received your book and I am so excited to read it. Went to the Asian Market in Denver, CO and picked up many rice based products and fish. (Also bought a rice cooker). Wondering what your thoughts are on the “Eat Right For Your Blood Type”? My daughter is a type O and her body does seem to follow the diet recommendations:more meat, rice is OK, she doesn’t prefer avacodo or coconut(makes her stomach upset). The book discusses the possibility of lectins on the outside of cells that make antibodies against foods that are not familiar with your blood type (like what ones body would do if receiving the wrong blood transfusion). Thank you for your reply. Again it was awesome to hear your presentation.


  4. Hi Richard,

    No, they don’t break a fast, but it’s usually better to take supplements with food.

    Thanks, Howard!

    Hi Cindy,

    It was great to meet you at Wise Traditions, you did a great job!

    The Type O diet in Eat Right for Your Type is an excellent diet, and O is the most common blood type. The other diets are less good. So Type O’s tend to do well on that diet plan, and other types less well but they may still improve health if their previous diets were bad enough – and many people’s diets are bad.

    Blood type doesn’t drive antibody formation so I don’t believe the antibody claim.

    Best, Paul

  5. Gorgeous picture and timely quote.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you two and to all of the great PHD community!

    Ps. Mercola finally gave you your deserved 15 minutes of fame?!!

  7. Thanks Paul

    It is more about the Seth comment that it is better to take Vitamin D3 early. All the other stuff, I take with meals.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! I came across your book some weeks ago and have found it very interesting and have been trying out some of your suggestions.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Paul!


  10. You guys are awesome, have a great Thanksgiving, Paul!


  11. Will always be grateful to have found your website, read your book and be a part of the PHD community. Well done Paul and Shou-Ching! Happy thanksgiving to you and the family!

  12. Paul and Shou-Ching, I just finished your book this week and I must say, having read a few paleo books, yours is by far the best I’ve come across. So thank you for writing the book and continuing to share here on this blog.


  13. Questions:

    You mention sardines once, iirc, but leave them out when listing good oily fish at other times. Was this deliberate? Or are they not as good as the others?

    How long should one wait before mixing fructose with PUFAS, or PUFAS w/ alcohol or sugar?

  14. Thanks for your excellent book and blog!

  15. Happy Thanksgiving Paul. Thank you for all you do.

  16. Hi there Paul and Shou-Ching
    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you both so much for all your good work. Love the picture and quote – thankfulness is an underrated virtue.

  17. Happy Day After Thanksgiving, Paul and Shou-Ching! The color on Shou-Ching’s rose is incredible. Gorgeous! What a gift to us all a) that Shou-Ching shares her considerable talents with us and b) that we live in a time when technology makes this sharing possible.

  18. I’m very grateful for the learning & exchange of ideas here.

    Thank you PHD peeps, and be well!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving!! I am also grateful for the blog, the information, and for all the help via responses and sharing. Thank you so much Paul and Shou-Ching.

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