Hurricane Sandy Approaches; meet Gabor Maté

I have a large number of half-completed posts and some will go up soon, but I thought I’d put up a note about the storm just so you’ll know what happened in case we lose power and disappear for a few days.

Hurricane Sandy looks to be an unusual storm: not terribly severe winds, but tremendous risk from flooding.

NOAA is projecting the storm will drop 6 inches of rain per day in some locations:

Wave heights are reaching 30 feet on ocean buoys:

The storm will make landfill with a full moon when tides are at their most extreme, so the potential for flooding to storm surges is severe. Widespread flooding means widespread power outages.

In Boston, they’re predicting four days of rain starting in a few hours.

If the rain has you at home looking for entertainment, here’s a very interesting talk by Gabor Maté, the Hungarian-Canadian psychologist (thank you, Kris!):

Be safe everyone!

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  1. Holding good thoughts for all y’all!

  2. The Lance Armstrong reference was unfortunate.

  3. amazing youtube video. i’ve been exploring this for a while in deep meditation for 5 years and damn i’m so glad for other people studying it. sharing with everyone

  4. Thanks for the link to the video – the whole series is fantastic! Oddly enough, they’re ‘hidden’ from you-tube searching, so they have few views. A few of the series have been marked private, but in total there are 20+ hours of videos in the series.

  5. Thanks for the video, Paul & Kris! And thanks for the link for the series, Carol! Appreciate it!

  6. Paul and everyone, MY PLEASURE!! 😛

    Nice to know Gabor Mate’s message connects with you too.

    And thank you Carol for the playlist of the rest of the videos!!! Looks like I’ve got a fair bit of youtube watching ahead of me! 😎

  7. Thanks Kris for the video link. If anyone is interested in a type of self-therapy that really heals and re-programs the brain, and therefore resets the body from the old pain from childhood, the work of Dutch therapist Ingeborg Bosch has worked for me and is some of the best available IMHO. See here: and here: Take care and thanks again for the connection Paul.

  8. Hi Paul, I was wondering if you know what can be done to restore cortisol sensitivity. Would an adaptogen like ashwagandha be useful? Still trying to recover from the no-carb damage. I added PHD carbs and it helped (grew my hair back as you know) but nothing I do will get me under 210 pounds. My hormones are still imbalanced. I’m determined to figure this out. Thank you for your advice.

    • Hi Meli,

      I don’t know about herbs like ashwagandha — I’m just not knowledgeable about them. Personally if you’re on PHD and supplements, then I would focus on circadian rhythm strategies including physical activity next. Also, you might try N-acetylcysteine which is sort of an all purpose help in infections.

  9. so the potential for flooding to storm surges is severe. Widespread flooding means widespread power outages.

    Armed Guards

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