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Today brings a new podcast with Abel James on The Fat Burning Man Show. This was my second conversation with Abel about the new edition – the first can be found here – and so we got into more offbeat topics. A lot of fun!

Angelo Coppola tells me that our episode of Latest in Paleo hit the #1 spot in Alternative Health on iTunes and was #7 in the overall Health category.

Chris Kresser reviews the new edition.

I believe this book is a must-read not only for the average health-conscious individual, but also for health professionals that are looking for solid evidence that supports an ancestral nutrition philosophy…. This book could change a lot of lives if read by the right people!

This is the best book available that explains the science behind the paleo or primal diet and lifestyle while making easy-to-follow recommendations. It would make a great holiday gift.

Thanks Chris!

Meanwhile, it looks like it was a good decision on our part to include a chapter on Mammalian Diets. It’s really broadened our market:

Photo from Kamal Patel. Thanks Kamal!

  1. I liked the Fat Burning Man podcast. I’m eagerly awaiting the new book the coming week. I think my new years resolution will be to eat PHD. I don’t eat too many plaints. I will have to do something about that.

  2. Thank you very much, but i have a question, how can i watch the last episode of the podcast ?

    Merry christmat

  3. I like this podcast ! Paul, do you think it’s possible to become or stay a fat burner, whith a 50% carbs diet as previously mentioned : I’m a potatoes eater as primary source of carbs,and I consume at least 2.5 lb potatoes each day.

    Some of my friends do believe it’s possible to eat a primal potatoes diet all life long, and staying thin and healthy, due to the resistant starch effect. As an exemple,my sister eats 5 lb potatoes a day, and is thin…and looks healthy. Thanks to our parents habiits,we are not used in our family to eat so much fructose, nor vegetable oils ! So does she ! She follows(without being aware of it !)a kind of like PHD The other ratio of her plate are for Prot. and she eats not so much fat. Nevertheless, I’d like your advise on it.
    In your experience, is it sustainable on a long term, or should I advise her to take care a little bit more of those ratio ? Could we imagine some PHD variation on the ratio you suggest, assuming the PHD is not only a ratio diet, but firstable, a new choice for “non toxic” food.?
    Another question about potatoes : do you recommend the waxy ones or the floury ones ?
    Thanks, and Best,


    • Hi Star-chi,

      Well, eating that much potatoes will certainly upregulate glucose utilization and downregulate fat utilization. So you’ll be less of a “fat burner.”

      That’s OK if your goal is to be lean and healthy; you can be lean and healthy on a 50% carb diet, or even on higher carbs as your sister is (but 5 lb/day may lead to deficiencies in nutrients not found in potatoes — I think that’s excessive.)

      I do think she would do better to switch to your ratios – up to 2.5 lb potatoes per day and more healthy meats/fish/eggs/fats.

  4. Thanks Paul for your advice ! I’ll try this week end to talk to her about this healthiest strategy ! Not so easy because of the simple pleasure she seems to have in this non variety… I’m pleased to read, you think it’s possible to be lean and healthy on a high cerbs diet. I thought i was in a wrong “diet” while eating so much carbs (moreover for my sister !! ). Can we suppose there’s no one size fit all concerning carbs consumption, and that there’s a kind of unbalanced way of using glucose in some bodytype or do you think the body reacts the same way for all people .?

    ..and.. You didn’t mention your choice about floury or waxy potatoes..?
    Thanks again, so generous ! Kind regards, Star-chi

    • Hi Star-chi,

      I think it will be hard to live to 110 on a high-carb diet. But the negative health effects are minor if they’re not accompanied by other issues (high omega-6, high sugar, high toxins).

      I think all kinds of potato are OK.

  5. I loved the new podcast, thank you so much!

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