PaleoCon & Ebook Sale

Two exciting things this weekend:

  • Scribner has placed the ebook of our new paperback edition on sale for only $7.99. If you don’t own a copy, this is a great time to buy!
  • My appearance on PaleoCon will be on Sunday Monday (it’s been pushed back due to the Super Bowl). Listen for free on Monday.

To buy the ebook, click here:

The complete schedule of the 25 PaleoCon speakers is here. For more info about PaleoCon, click the image:


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  1. uhm, no image to click on…

  2. Bill is correct, I disabled my AdBlocker and it appeared straight away.

  3. This is very exciting Paul, looking forward to your talk especially. I signed up but they didn’t mention which dates these talks are happening on-

  4. Paul –

    Big fan. But I’ve always distinguished your PHD from the paleo diet for a variety of reasons that are completely legitimate. I don’t want to see the public dismiss your advice based on the shortcomings of the paleo diet.

    • They won’t. We’re definitely part of the “ancestral health movement”, and that’s part of our identity. But even if there were some confusion, the meaning of “Paleo” has broadened substantially since we first published and I would be less concerned about confusion now than ever before.

  5. Paul,
    I love your book and blog. I’ve been experimenting with different diets for about two years now having gone from raw vegan, to low carb, and am now eating in a way that is close to PHD and have never felt better. One thing I’ve learned about the various diet communities is that there is a lot of dogma, a lot of ideology, and lots of drama. The infighting that occurs between different bloggers is really tiring.

    I love and respect the way you stay classy and above it all. You and Peter Attia are two people I really respect (I don’t agree with Peter’s stringent low carb approach, but he is a class act). Just want to say thanks and keep up the good work.

  6. I’ve registered. It will be interesting.

    A little off topic. I saw Michael Mosley on tv the other day. They measured Vitamin C in the urine when taking Vitamin C pills. The amount of Vitamin C in the urine was about the same as the amount ingested through food and pills. So the conclusion is there is not much use taking these pills as we are just peeing it out.

    In your book you list some studies showing good effects from Vitamin C. So is it the case that Vitamin C is having effects on the body without being broken down and when it had some good effects it’s peed out?

    • I’d have to see a paper on this. Vitamin C has multiple forms depending on how oxidized it is and it is usually oxidized forms that are found in urine. So I would infer that they are measuring oxidized vitamin C in healthy people who didn’t have a C deficiency and don’t have significant C needs for immune function, wound healing, or generation of carnitine, it is primarily acting as an antioxidant. Also, how much is excreted will depend on bodily needs and how much is being ingested. If you take in an excess you’ll excrete more. So study design is important for this.

  7. hi! i’m trying to purchase the all access pass for my brother, but when i fill out the order form with his name, address and email and my credit card info, it won’t let me proceed. please advise! thanks, victoria ❓

  8. I’ll be viewing the PaleoCon sessions this week with great interest. I am quite certain Paleo is evolving as it is continually refracted through the lens of
    each new research discovery and each lifestyle practice that governs diet, exercise, and circadian rhythm entrainment, and you, Paul, are a huge part of that evolution. Thank you!

  9. Where is the Kindle edition of your new book? the editions we are seeing are all Publication Date: December 11, 2012?

    Is the Paperback ( Scribner | 464 pages | ISBN 9781451699159 | December 2013 -) the only “updated” version?

    Confused & excited to find and read your new updated version 🙂

  10. Thank you down loading now! 😀

  11. Would the update include the recipes that are in the paperback?

  12. Loved your talk today! Thanks for all your hard work in helping people understand nutrition. A future post on psoriasis would be so helpful to me since my daughter suffers terribly from it, and it causes her great fatigue also. I. beleive it mustbe inflamatory based, like you mentioned in your talk, but we are doing almost everything you recommend from your book except the lighting at night and exercise. She gets some exercise, but is so tired all the time it is hard for her to get moving. Thanks again for your great book and website!

  13. Great talk, the honey was was unexpected, so how much would you say is optimal

    Thank You

  14. Paul & Shou-Ching Jaminet –

    I am SO glad I found out about your diet. I got the ebook and read it all in one sitting. Your diet resonates with me so much because it resembles the traditional food of my parents’ home country (Dominican Republic). My great grandparents and grandparents were very healthy and lived to an old age (90+) with a humble diet of plantains, yucca, casabe (bread made entirely of yucca), boiled green bananas and white rice with eggs, animal fats, avocados and naturally raised meats. They also ate beans, but always soaked them to ease with digestion. They lived on the countryside where breads, grains (other than rice) and vegetable oils were not readily available. It is astonishing to me how your diet mirrors almost exactly the diet of my recent ancestors.

    On the other hand, many of my parents’ siblings now suffer from heart disease. Now that I have read your book, I suspect that the introduction in the last 50 years of so called “heart healthy” vegetable oils (e.g., corn and peanut) and wheat (bread and pasta) to the Dominican diet has contributed to their increased incidence of heart disease.

    I grew up in a home where animal fats were a big NO NO and cholesterol-free vegetable oils were good. So I had all the yummy Dominican food traditionally cooked with animal fats now heavily doused with vegetable oils (even the rice!). Additionally, as a first generation American, I indulged on all the processed foods available here in the US. It is no surprise that I am now overweight and suffering some health issues even though I am only in my 30s.

    I am very excited to start this diet. My intention is to get healthy, lose weight and learn a way to eat that is realistic and sustainable. I think the PHD fits the bill. I will be printing your apple diagram and placing it on my refrigerator door! 😀

    Best regards,

    • Hi Jay,

      Welcome! Great story about your grandparents’ longevity. We’re already seeing lifespans plateau or even start to turn over and decrease in some places. I shudder to think what today’s diets will do to people in their old age.

      Best, Paul

  15. Hi Paul,

    You’ve got great books there. I have hard copies of both the editions (original and Scribner) and would love to get the Kindle edition for reference on my computer.

    Unfortunately Amazon gives me the following error message when I follow the link in this post: “This title is not currently available for purchase”. It also says “Pricing information not available”.

    Curiously, I am able to see prices for the Hardcover and the Paperback and am also able to add them to my cart.

    Could you please help me with this? I wonder if anybody else is facing the same problem. I really want to get a soft copy for reference.


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