Mastering Your Metabolism

Summit season is continuing and I’m in a new one: Melissa Schollaerts’s Mastering Your Metabolism Summit.

Here is a link to the opt-in page, which gives you a free ticket to the summit. Talks are free for 48 hours, and my talk will be free today, Monday June 16 and Tuesday June 17. Once you’ve signed up, this is the access link for the talk.

The summit continues through June 22 and features 25 top speakers including Drs. Alan Christianson, Dan Kalish, Josh Axe, Melissa McCreery, and Shiroko Sokitch; Diane Sanfilippo, Matt Stone, Jeanne & Josh Rubin, Jonathan Bailor, Mira & Jayson Calton, and many others.

Evan Brand Podcast

I was also interviewed by Evan Brand for his Not Just Paleo Podcast a few weeks before the May Retreat began, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on the blog yet. Here’s the link. In addition to Evan, John Brisson jointed to make it a roundtable discussion. We talked about stress, life, and digestion, among other topics.

Happy Belated Father’s Day

I enjoyed my own Father’s Day at the beach, and so missed the chance to put up a Father’s Day post. But I reader sent me this for a Father’s Day greeting – Andrea Bocelli and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, accompanied by a full orchestra, were re-united to perform the Our Father at a memorial for those who died in the train derailment near Santiago de Compostela, Spain, last summer (July, 2013). They had first recorded this song in Salt Lake City in 2009.

Blessings to all the dads in our audience!

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  1. Where can I find your cookbook

  2. Hey Paul, I’m wondering, have you ever read Elmer McCollum?

    The Newer Knowledge of Nutrition 1918

    He discovered Vitamins A, B and D among other things..
    Pretty interesting stuff, and seemed like very sound nutritional advice. (I was lead to him by a reference in Nina Teicholz’s book)

  3. Questions comments :
    — FYI – mastering your metabolism requires adobe ( blocking iPhone n iPad generally )

    1. Should we take a daily multivitamin – they generally have niacin and folic acid in them ????

    2. What about dhea ? Rub on or oral ?

    • Hi Sam, generally, no and no.

      • To add onto Sam’s question about DHEA..

        Here’s another quite interesting matter.
        Many (most?) countries other than the US eat horse meat.

        It turns out to be a very high animal source of Omega-3’s, and worth considering as a cooking fat if you live in France, Belgium, China, Canada, Mexico, Central Asia, Aftica etc..

        Highly bioavailable α-linolenic acid from the subcutaneous fat of the Palaeolithic Relict “Galician horse”

        PDF link here:

      • Hi Paul,
        As a follow-up to the question on DHEA, my DHEA tested low a few times, around 10% below the low range. (90 ug/dL) Is this anything to consider, and is there another way to boost DHEA without taking it? Thanks.

        • Hi Paul,
          I was hoping to find an answer to the above question. I’ve just found out that my DHEA is low at 0.8, below the range of 2-10 ng/mL. I think my practitioner will be advising me to take DHEA. I too would love to know how to help boost DHEA. I have heard exercise helps. I’ve only just started doing regular exercise this last month, I wasn’t feeling well enough for months previously and for years I’ve never had the habit of exercise as I’ve always been naturally very slim I didn’t think it was too important. So hopefully starting some exercise will help me.
          I’m trying my best with PHD foods, still working on the supplements. I struggle with intermittent fasting. I manage not to eat after dinner but I struggle to wait a few hours without eating in the mornings. I do eat plenty of starches and fatty meats with lunch and dinner, and I snack in between on fruit or a homemade pudding etc.. So I’m not sure why I get hungry.

          Any insights on DHEA would be greatly appreciated.
          Thank you.

          • Hi Paul,
            Sorry to ask again but any advice on raising DHEA naturally? I’ve been told to only do aerobic exercise due to some adrenal fatigue.
            Also, my melatonin levels are much too high above range. Any thoughts on this?

          • Hi Claire,

            I’m not that knowledgeable about DHEA and an endocrinologist would be better placed to address these questions, but i’ll try. For DHEA I would eat PHD levels of saturated fats and cholesterol (i.e. 3 egg yolks daily, don’t avoid coconut milk or butter), PHD-recommended carbs and protein and nutrition generally, intermittent fasting and circadian rhythm entrainment. With melatonin, but I would say that the circadian cycle is more important than the levels and if you are measuring melatonin than I would pay more attention to the circadian cycle than the level. I would also consider measuring serotonin levels to see if you have an excess, and supplementing molybdenum in case you have a deficiency and can’t make MAO to dispose of serotonin.

          • Hi Paul,
            Thanks so much.
            I’ve never been one to avoid natural fats (for the last few years). Unfortunately recently I have been diagnosed with a sensitivity to eggs and milk butyrophilin (so i can’t even have ghee, which I love) but I try to keep my fat intake up by eating coconut oil, coconut milk and the natural meat fats. My practitioner is putting me on DHEA. So I guess I’ll have to try it as a temporary measure.
            I’m doing all I can with PHD but I struggle with the fasting, some mornings I feel slightly sick if I don’t eat. And I do eat as much as I possibly can during the eating window.
            Thanks for the other tips. I’ll bring them up. Much appreciated!

    • i looked at buying a dhea supp a while back in a low dose (2.5mg). but import is prohibited in to Australia.

      tbh, I cannot recall why I was gonna give it a try, other than it seemed like a worthwhile experiment at the time

  4. Hi Paul. Any idea when the ebook on weight loss will be available? thanks in advance

  5. The ‘free gift’ link just goes to .

  6. Hi Paul,
    Are you familiar with the 90% iodine body sufficiency test, bromide reference range (<5mg/24 hr) and fluoride reference range (<1.3mg/24 hr) and do you agree with these reference values? Thanks.

  7. Mastering Your Metabolism | Store 4 Health Blog - pingback on June 20, 2014 at 8:53 am
  8. Hello paul, i have read your book and loved it for many reasons. i have been taking your supplement requirements and I am trying to shake my love for ketones… I would love to know when yoy are going to do your post on the dangers of too much oil or fats?

    • Hi Keven, I have to fit preparing blog posts around other obligations. Blogging is the one thing I do without hard deadlines, so it’s hard to predict when I’ll finish a post. But it is in the queue and will follow the Seth Roberts appreciation post which will follow a few Retreat and Seminar related posts.

  9. I have been doing very well on your diet, and I want to thank you for all the hard work that you and your wife has put into all this. I have looked for grass fed liver and organ meats but they are just not available where I live, do you have any alternative supplements or foods that would help? I just do not trust standard liver, I can not imagine that feed lot liver is safe at all.

    • Hi Keven,

      You can try US Wellness Meats and other online vendors of organic grassfed meats who ship.

    • Thumbs up on the US Wellness Meats. I especially like their liverwurst (30% liver, 20% heart, 20% kidney) and the cooked beef braunschweiger (40% liver). Both have a mild liver flavor.

      You do have to order a minimum of 7 pounds and $75 worth, and there is a $7.50 handling fee, but if you sign up for their newsletter, they offer a 15% off deal every other week.

  10. I can’t stop sweating. I have all of the symptoms for hyperthyroid, except inability to keep weight on. I have no problem doing that. I show antibodies for Hashimotos, but doc won’t do anything until TSH is out of whack. Any ideas?

    • Hi Jenny,

      It’s impossible to say anything without knowing a lot more about your case, history, diet, lifestyle, and symptoms. Hyperthyroidism often features weight gain, due to the disruption of circadian rhythms. However, it would be unusual to be hyperthyroid with a TSH that was elevated or normal. Are you overeating oils?

      • Hi. Thanks for your reply. I don’t think I overeat oils. I have PCOS, I can grow a beard, I am exercise intolerant (winded, red-faced, unable to catch my breath) right away, rapid heartbeat. I’ve been overweight my entire life. I used to be good at sports but could never keep up due to not being winded. I hate summer. I feel sick if I get too hot. I’m 42.

  11. Hi. Thanks for your reply. I don’t think I overeat oils. I have PCOS, I can grow a beard, I am exercise intolerant (winded, red-faced, unable to catch my breath) right away, rapid heartbeat. I’ve been overweight my entire life. I used to be good at sports but could never keep up due to not being winded. I hate summer. I feel sick if I get too hot. I’m 42.

  12. Good day, big issue, a person suffering from an enlarged prostate, unable to void urine on their
    own, only by the use of a catheter, what suggestion or advice would you give

  13. for an enlarge prostate, unable to void urine without the aid of a catheter, your recommendation
    would be well apreciated

  14. A female with a oversize fibroid, what is your suggestion

  15. Is there a way to access the mastering your metabolism talks, I missed the summit?

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