Two Podcasts: That Paleo Show & Choice Conversations

I had the privilege of appearing last week on That Paleo Show, Australia’s leading paleo podcast, with hosts Brett Hill, Sarah Stewart, and Steve Hayter. I talked about the origin of our diet, ketogenic diets, our need for carbs and the risk of going too low carb, how to shape your environment for optimal health, how to make fasts healthful, the Perfect Health Retreat (make time for the next one in October!), and efforts to integrate the ancestral health community with mainstream medicine and science. For the full podcast, listen here.

I also appeared on the latest issue of Choice Conversations with Chris Stefanick. We talked about how to be well nourished, and about the importance of lifestyle elements like intermittent fasting and circadian rhythm entrainment in health. These lifestyle elements are as important as diet for health and long life, and are a major point of emphasis at the Retreats – we’ve found they are key to weight loss. For the full podcast, listen here.

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  1. I already had a low body fat percentage, before I started the PHD. Eating the PHD food plate didn’t alter my total weight, although it helped me gain muscle.

    However, over the last 4 months, I’ve lost three pounds of body fat since adopting an equatorial pseudo-sun-cycle. This change is perhaps largely owing to the increased exposure to morning light.

  2. “But “on the earth” already means “under the sky.” Both of these also mean “remaining before the divinities” and include a “belonging to men’s being with one another.” By a primal oneness the four—earth and sky, divinities and mortals—belong together in one.”

    “The sky is the vaulting path of the sun, the course of the changing, moon, the wandering glitter of the stars, the year’s seasons and their changes, the light and dusk of day, the gloom and glow of night, the clemency and inclemency of the weather, the drifting clouds and blue depth of the ether. When we say sky, we are already thinking of the other three along with it, but we give no thought to the simple oneness of the four.”

    “Mortals dwell in that they receive the sky as sky. They leave to the sun and the moon their journey, to the stars their courses, to the seasons their blessing and their inclemency; they do not turn night into day nor day into a harassed unrest.” (Building Dwelling Thinking, Heidegger)

  3. I was wondering when the results of the May Perfect Health Retreat would be posted? I enjoyed reading the participant’s progress at the last retreat. It’s great motivation to stick to a healthier way of eating.

  4. Dear Paul, 😆

    I am having doubts about CI/CO and have given thought to going back to low-carb way of eating. Right now, I am overweight and unhappy and have no results. Low -carb served me well….. initially. I think it is time for a complete turn around in the direction of my site.

    Evelyn 😳

  5. Keven Lambert

    My wife and I just had our baby girl 3 weeks ago after 2 mis…
    My wife really wants to breast feed and we want to know would your diet help milk production, or do you have any ideas in this area? Is it ok for her to take any of the supplements you bring up? I have read book but I never read much about new moms.

  6. Hi Paul. I have Hashimoto’s and I’ve heard that coconut oil is great for hashi’s. On the other side I read ketogenic diets will damage those with autoimmune diseases. But wouldnt the use of coconut oil make my diet ketogenic? I am confused.. Sorry for the dumb question.. I was diagnosed when I was 14 and now that I am in my 20’s Im on a mission to lower my antibodies, TSH and lose the weight Ive gained. If you could give other advices you consider important, please do. Thank you for your time.

  7. Hi Paul,

    In the Choices interview you say bacteria and viruses may incorporate medium chain fats into their cell walls ultimately disrupting and destroying them – if I have that right.

    Is it not then possible the medium chain fats could do the same thing to are own cells? Do they not incorporate the medium chain fats into membranes? Thx

    • Hi Perry, Our own cells are better at avoiding putting these disruptive fatty acids into their membranes. They are shunted to the liver and metabolized into energy or other lipids.

  8. Keven Lambert

    Thank you for all your help, it blows me away that you are kind enough to make time for us all. My wife has decided to start your diet for our baby, and this is talking about someone I have tryed to get to eat better for years.

  9. Hi Paul,

    I loved these podcasts and especially the detail about circadian rhythm entrainment and organizing days and nights. Do you have any thoughts about how people who have little to no control over their sleep schedule should deal with it? (like those of us with young children and newborns who can expect to be woken at all hours of the night for many months in a row?)

    Also, do you have thoughts on how naps should be handled? Like, for children or the aforementioned sleep-deprived adults who have to nap in the daytime to get enough sleep? Specifically, should naps be in a dark or a light room?

    You know, if you read medieval “advice books” or prayer manuals, you’ll often find reference to a time in the middle of the night where it was natural for people to wake up and there was advice about what kinds of things one should do during this night time waking — usually certain kinds of prayer — or also think of monasteries where an early morning or night time prayer time was scheduled. It just makes me think about just what a “natural” sleep cycle might have looked like before electronic lights.

    Okay, sorry to write such a long comment. Best,

    • Hi elizabeth,

      I would try to divide your day into a 12 hour daytime and 12 hour night and just sleep in the 12 hour night, letting the baby wake you periodically. ‘Biphasic sleep’ is not unhealthy, as you say it was common in the days of candlelight, so as long as you can get back to sleep it’s OK to be woken by a baby. Just set aside enough “night” and “sleep” time.

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