Four Reasons to Attend an Ancestral Health Retreat

I have a guest post up at PaleoHacks, “4 Reasons to Attend an Ancestral Health Retreat.”

Briefly, the reasons to attend our Perfect Health Retreat are:

  1. You can pick up ten years of discovery in two weeks. Ten years is how long Shou-Ching and I have been learning how to live an optimized ancestral lifestyle in the modern world. Two weeks is how long it takes us to teach all we know.
  2. It will improve your health and increase your lifespan. Our advice really works. Good health is priceless.
  3. You’ll enjoy a great vacation and make new friends. The retreats are a luxurious experience in a magnificent setting; and the people are terrific.
  4. You’ll help us prove to the scientific and medical communities that ancestral diet and lifestyle work — and thereby help bring better to health to billions.

Go over to PaleoHacks to read my full argument!


  1. Sorry, I won’t be attending. Crikey, what a nice beach with a handsome bloke.


  2. It isn’t possible for me to attend, though I would love to. Perhaps in the future you could offer a “virtual” retreat with the materials, recipes, talks and schedule and we could have a retreat at home.

    I’ve been reading about the 5:2 diet – eat normally 5 days, fast for 2. It seems to me based on the number of hours/week that I’m fasting now – 16-18/day beats 2 36-hour days. Is longer for 2 days really better than 116-126 per week? Maybe you could talk about that at some point.

    Thanks! My blog is based on your book and my experience and lets my readers know that.

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