New Podcast: With Kiefer on Body IO FM

I was very happy to appear with John Kiefer on his Body IO FM podcast. Kiefer studied physics at the University of Florida but is best known for his Carb Nite and Carb Backloading ideas. We had a lot to talk about. Check it out here!

  1. Excellent. Loved the (partial) confluence of carb backloading and intermittent fasting. Gained a better understanding of how IF works (energy excess in cells). That explains why it is possible to exercise vigorously during the final hours of the IF.
    Best part was Luke’s mellifluous voice in the background.

  2. I don’t understand why saturated fat is good on this diet but not in studies, because of “energy excess.” Is it that the diets in studies are bad, and changing something to saturated fat in a bad diet is…bad? Or do the studies that show saturated fat is bad merely adding it on top of something already bad? I just don’t understand.

    • Saturated fat amplifies the reactive oxygen species signaling that comes with energy excess. The problems of an energy excess are wreaked in part through excessive reactive oxygen species. So, saturated fat makes an energy excess diet more damaging. But, on a minimal calorie highly nourishing diet like PHD, saturated fat makes the control of energy utilization through ROS more finely controlled, and extends lifespan. So a high saturated fat PHD will be the most healthful, longest-lifespan diet.

  3. Paul, I’m half way through the podcast, so if you answer this in the interview, then I apologize. But, I’d love to hear your thoughts on eating all the day’s carbohydrate load (your recommended total amount) at the end of the day with dinner, versus balanced throughout the day. Is there any merit to the “backloading” concept, in your opinion? Especially if one trains in the evening, like I do… Is there any resiliency that’s developed going 20 hours or so in a glucose deficit? Many, including Kiefer, discuss the “fasting like” health benefits of going very low carb during the day..

    • I’d love to hear about this, too. I just started reading the PHD after following Kiefer’s Carb Nite (not re-feeding with junk but safe starches), then at doing the carb backloading with great results. Paul, why do you recommend working out in the morning as well as spreading carbs throughout the day? Thanks!

      • Hi Michelle,

        For circadian rhythm entrainment, both exercise and calorie intake should occur in the daytime. Ideally, both should be somewhat distributed through the day. The best feeding window is from 3 hours after dawn to 1 hour before dusk (on a 12 hour day; with artificial lights you can choose dawn and dusk); there should be some light activity to start the day, then more intense activity in the period from late morning to evening; but in general activity should precede meals.

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