Scott Colby’s Ultimate Health Summit; and Paleo Bites, a new TV Show

Scott Colby’s Ultimate Health Summit launched this week. It has a lineup of fine speakers, including Ameer Rosic, Brad Pilon, Nate Miyaki, Russ Crandall, Dr.Susan Kleiner, and a number of worthy people from outside the usual Paleo/Primal community.

My interview with Scott will be appearing for free on Thursday, March 5. Check it out!

Paleo Bites

Sarah Ballantyne has a TV show! It’s called Paleo Bites. No, she is not criticizing Paleo — it is a cooking show with science and lifestyle segments. They’ve produced the pilot and are now shopping it to networks. Like all of Sarah’s work, it’s sure to be good.

Here’s the trailer:

You can read more about it on Sarah’s blog, especially here: Call To Action: Let’s get Paleo Bites on TV! She has a web form you can use to contact networks in support of the show.

Congratulations Sarah, best of luck getting Paleo Bites on the air!

  1. Peggy Mandell

    Sounds delicious, Sarah!

  2. Are there any pitfalls to the PHD? I.e. have any of your followers reported any problems and if so, what have been the causes?

  3. Sorry, I posted my question in the wrong place…

  4. Peggy Mandell

    Scott Colby’s interviews have been great–have enjoyed all of them during the first 3 days. (Have heard Jade Teta and Ameer Rosic before. Good messages.) Looking forward to day 4, Paul! Thanks for the heads up.

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