Erin Seaver on the Perfect Health Retreat

Erin Seaver, of Washington DC, was a guest at the October 2014 Perfect Health Retreat. Erin kindly recorded a video for us discussing her experience at the retreat.

Some highlights:

  • “I wasn’t having the success I wanted on the Paleo Diet and started reading [Paul’s] book and things really resonated with me so I actually reached out to Paul and talked about … going beyond diet and implementing a lifestyle in terms of exercise and sleep and go beyond foods themselves. That’s really what brought me to the Perfect Health Retreat.”
  • “The Perfect Health Retreat far exceeded my expectations. It’s been a really wonderful experience.”
  • “The food stands out … the Perfect Health Diet supports very flavorful and varied real foods and the chefs just did a phenomenol job. We were licking our fingers after every meal.”
  • “The structure of the retreat is great in that it supports learning, healing, and relaxation”
  • “The staff went above and beyond”
  • “Even in just the short span of a week I found some great improvements. … Even in just a week I’ve found improvement in my sleep, I had more energy, was less lethargic in the morning, general mood improved, and my anxiety dropped pretty significantly.”
  • “I do feel pretty prepared to translate the things I’ve learned and implement a lot of the lessons I’ve learned in this retreat back home.”
  • “Health coaching was great. I think I have spent more time with Paul talking about my health than I probably have with any doctor to date in my life, which is kind of sad but a great opportunity, and Paul’s also spent more time explaining things to me than most of my doctors have…. I appreciate the support.”
  • “The cooking classes were one of my favorite parts of the retreat.”
  • “I’m not sure if you could find a better setting for health promoting, peaceful relaxation…. Great location.”
  • “I would absolutely recommend this retreat to pretty much anyone. I don’t think it needs to be just for folks who have health challenges.”
  • “I probably will try to drag my mom here.”

Thank you Erin!

We are taking reservations now for the next Perfect Health Retreat to be held October 10-17, 2015. Don’t miss this opportunity for a luxurious vacation combined with a week of learning that will pay a lifestime of dividends. To reserve a room or learn more, please contact Paul Jaminet at or Whitney Ross Gray at

  1. That was a great interview!! She seemed to really enjoy the retreat and come away with alot of knowledge to bring the retreat home ! Bet she’ll be back with her Mom!! 🙂

  2. Hello Paul, I am curious as to whether you have dealt with someone who has just recently quit smoking on one of your retreats? Are you familiar with the recent theories that smoking cessation has a profound impact on people’s gut microbiota profiles and is most likely the cause of post smoking cessation weight gain?

    Do you have any recommendations for someone as to how to diversify and make their gut as healthy as possible as to try and limit this weight gain at all?

    I have been a smoker for quite some time and would really like to quit as soon as possible but am honestly terrified of this. I know that you always say seek health first and weight loss will follow but I would like to know if there is anything I can do to have as healthy of a gut as possible in preparation of quitting or in the chance that I am unsuccessful. I have tried many times before but the weight gain has always drove me back into smoking. I’ve followed your diet for close to a year and have had great results in terms of my health but have just not been able to quit smoking. Thank you for your advice I truly appreciate your help with my questions. I’m am aware that quitting smoking is the logical thing but any other advice you may have would be well appreciated.

  3. Peter Silverman

    I miss the “around the web” feature that used to come out on Saturdays. Any chance of starting it up again?

    • I just got too busy to read the web much or write the post. I’m not sure when I’ll get less busy … but I did enjoy doing them, and I still collect notes for it.

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