New Podcast with Katalin of My Wellness Workshop

I’m honored to have been the second guest ever (following Sally Fallon) on Katalin Kokaveczne’s My Wellness Workshop Radio.

The full interview, and Katalin’s blog post about it, can be found here. Here is a 5-minute excerpt:

Do you live in or near Germany? Come meet Katalin and me at Paleo Convention Berlin, July 25!

  1. Thanks for the podcast, Paul. I was a little confused about your explanation of the benefits of the bone broth in terms of extracellular matrix. Typically, proponents of the bone broth will say something about the benefits of collagen, calcium and other nutrients while others will say that these are overrated, that we can get them from other sources or, in the case of collagen, that our body can produce them. What is your take? Thanks in advance.

    • Collagen is the largest component of extracellular matrix. If the body is to produce things like collagen, it needs the raw materials composing them, which are best obtained by eating them. If you are short of glycine, sulfur, vitamin C, etc, you can’t make extracellular matrix.

  2. I was surprised to hear that too much fat is BAD. I’ve been a fan of bullet-proof coffee thinking I’m getting in more good fats, but maybe I don’t need more fat. I’d love to hear you go on about this more.

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