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Fat to Fit My Quest Podcast

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Melissa Curtis is a former alpine skier who became obese, and launched a personal quest to recover her health and a normal weight. She now hosts the Fat to Fit My Quest podcast and I was pleased to appear as guest #76.


If you’d like to download, you can find the podcast on iTunes here.

Donna Laurie on the Perfect Health Retreat

Donna Laurie of Massachusetts was a guest at the October 2014 Perfect Health Retreat. Donna kindly recorded a video for us discussing her experience at the retreat.

Some highlights:

  • “I enjoyed the retreat very, very much.”
  • “I am a gym owner and a personal trainer, and I work with a lot of people I want to help, and I want to give them the right information…. I thought this is something that would be beneficial to my clients and also to me and my family.”
  • “I am extremely happy that I have come. The people – amazing. Paul, the lectures – terrific, I’ve learned a lot. The setting is beautiful, the food – delicious. Well worth every penny.”
  • “I’m leaving tomorrow. I’ve only signed up for a week, but I don’t know if my plane is going to be able to go with me on it. I don’t know, I might have to stay, that’s how much I’ve enjoyed it.”
  • “I really enjoyed the lectures. I liked the science behind the meal planning, the reason why we’re eating the way that we are…. I like to know the how and why, and you explained it. It really showed that you did a lot of research.”
  • “I was totally impressed the first day.”
  • “We did the fitness. I’m pretty well versed in fitness … That wasn’t my main reason for coming, but definitely a lot of the people here needed to learn about fitness.”
  • “All the components, the circadian rhythms, the fitness, the food, it all goes together. I’m very excited about sharing this with my family.”
  • “Everybody was very supportive. Great people, great people.”
  • “Anybody. Everybody [should come to the retreat].”
  • “Whether you’re healthy or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s about getting the most of your life…. I would recommend [the retreat] to anybody… It’s a wealth of knowledge that you’re giving us to enjoy a happy life.”
  • “It’s well worth it. You’re investing in your life. What’s the sense of having money and beautiful cars and beautiful houses if you don’t have your health. People invest in their finances … I think it’s so important to invest in your health.”
  • “You really have helped myself and the people in my group.”

Thank you Donna!

We are taking reservations now for the next Perfect Health Retreat to be held October 10-17, 2015. Don’t miss this opportunity for a luxurious vacation combined with a week of learning that will pay a lifestime of dividends.

To learn about the retreat, visit the various web pages under the Perfect Health Retreat tab, starting here. To reserve a room or for more information, please contact Paul Jaminet at or Whitney Ross Gray at