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I’m pleased to announce a long overdue service: we’re launching an email newsletter.


The Perfect Health Newsletter will bring to your email inbox our best insights and advice, plus free ebooks and special offers. Sign up now and you’ll receive as a free gift our guide to weight loss and improved body composition, “7 Tips for a Better Body.”

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  1. Thanks for this guys. I just signed up my husband who’s finally signed on and has already experienced positive results.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the newsletter, got it, great tips!

    On another note, I wondered if you could address a few questions:

    Was your wife able to eliminate her fibroid?
    What size was it and did it impede pregnancy?
    Or did she elect to have a myomectomy?
    Do you think that a woman with a fibroid 5cm or above can eliminate her fibroid through the PHD?

    Second, can you please speak about xanthalesma and the fear of eating animal/meat protein when a person sees the xanthalesma on their eyelids and their doctor says it means that you have so much cholesterol that it is literally dripping out of your body, can the PHD help to clear up the xanthalesma?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Richard,

      Her fibroids almost disappeared as of the last ultrasound but she had a surgery and many changes in the meantime so it is hard to say what mattered.

      Still too little data to say what PHD does for fibroids, but I believe it to be very helpful.

      PHD should help with xanthalesma too, as it normalizes metabolism and lipid levels. Be sure to supplement pantothenic acid daily and eat vinegar and lemon/lime juice along with other PHD supplements and intermittent fasting.

      Best, Paul

  3. Hi Paul,

    We are so excited to receive your newsletter in Switzerland. We always enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for all the great info and work you do to help us reach perfect health!


  4. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for the newsletter and great free download! I was reading through it and have been thinking a lot about tip #7 Cultivate a Healthy Gut Microbiome. While we’ve all been hearing a lot about gut health in recent years, just these past few days I’ve read a few articles on the gut Microbiome and disease.
    My brother sent me this link (As an aside– I also wonder about the promotion of low-fat diets in this article- they never mention type of fats though so I imagine they used seed oils and other PUFA but I don’t know…)
    Related to diabetes:
    My personal interest is in any possible association with gut dysbiosis and type 1 diabetes (as I am type 1 diabetic). But my primary motivation for searching for answers is to try to protect my young daughter. I pray a lot because I never want her to get this disease and when I just have to throw up my arms and say I don’t know what’s best, I can just pray.
    The questions that run through my mind continually are somewhat tortuous: could I pass this on to her genetically (looks like yes, it’s possible)? Could I pass this to her from some gut bacteria I have (and then, should I not let her eat after me??)? Will the antibiotics I had to take during her birth negatively affect her gut (she was born vaginally but unfortunately I tested positive for group B strep)? Is my breastmilk even ok for her?? Is my extended breastfeeding good for her or not good?
    Oh my! It’s hard being a parent because of course we want the best for our babies! But it’s frustrating when we don’t necessarily know what’s best.
    So, after all that (sorry), my question is related to what you and other articles mentioned… Microbial diversity.
    This probably sounds like a dumb question but how does one better diversify their gut Microbiome? Is it simply by things like switching up the type of yogurt we eat periodically (for different probiotic strains)? Or is it more involved than that? Are we instead talking more about getting some good dirt under our fingernails and not hand washing before eating etc?
    (My daughter is almost 20 months, still breastfeeds here and there daily and she eats a pretty good diet. I haven’t given her gluten or nuts at all yet. The only dairy she eats is yogurt and cheese occasionally. She eats at least a little bit of the probiotic sauerkraut and relish (Bubbies) most days and from about 3 months until about 14 months I gave her Klaire Labs probiotic powder for infants but not every day.)
    Sorry, I’m so bad at condensing words!!
    Thank you for any thoughts you might have!

  5. I signed up for the Newsletter and tried signing up again. The pop-up message said, “I am already subscribed, but I don’t think it went through b/c I did not receive a confirmation or Newsletter (if out already) or gift–7 tips for a better body. What to do.

    • If you subscribed, you should have gotten a confirmation email. If you click the confirmation link, then you get a welcome email. That email has the link to download the free gift. You will not get any other emails until we send out the next issue of the newsletter.

      So try checking your junk email folder. If you put in your contacts, then our newsletter won’t get moved to junk.

  6. Thanks so much, Paul, for your response. I just finished looking through all my old emails, spam, deleted files, etc, looked everywhere. Still can’t find. I could have accidentally permanently deleted the confirmation email–don’t know but I am so terribly disappointed. I was thrilled to hear you are doing a Newsletter and was so excited about it all. Is there anyway I can resubscribe and start all over again.

  7. Hi I just wanted to say that I made some chicken liver pate and then I divided it in 4 oz potions and gonna freeze it. Anyway it was my second attempt and it came out good! This recipe uses cider vinegar to deglaze that pan and it makes it easier to process and also adds some health benefits!! I am not much of a cook so I am proud of myself! No one likes it but me and the dog!!!

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