Video Interview with Joe Cohen of; and Optimal Performance Podcast

Back in September, I spent an enjoyable hour with Ryan Munsey of the Optimal Performance podcast, talking about PHD methods to improve your mental and physical performance. Here it is on iTunes and here is Ryan’s blog post.

More recently, I was pleased to do a lengthy video interview with Joe Cohen of Here it is on Youtube:

Thanks, Joe and Ryan!

  1. Paul you should check out my site. I think you will like what you find.

  2. Hi Paul,

    My wife has been having trouble with both of her wrists. She thinks it is carpal tunnel and this has been confirmed by her dad who is an orthopedic surgeon. I am wondering if you have any advice beyond the diet that might help her. Thank you and Shou-Ching so much!

  3. Love the Joe Cohen interview: refreshingly unrushed and detailed. Like curling up with a great book (i.e. Perfect Health Diet)! A breath of fresh air. Honest, forthright, unprepossessing but so impactful, just like the authors of what is still my all time favorite book.

    PS Thank you for the Bach Magnificat.

  4. I was with you until you said it takes 75 years for EMF exposure to show up, and microwaves are fine.

    I would have had much more respect if you had said “I don’t know Joe”.

    You should read Andrew Marino’s seminal piece of EMF radiation called Going Somewhere.


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