New Video: The Keys to Perfect Health, from the 21 Convention

I spoke at The 21 Convention in 2014 on the topic, “The Keys to Perfect Health: How to Optimize Body, Mind, and Lifespan.” They’ve now released a professionally produced video. If you are a PHD fan, this is one you shouldn’t miss. It is the most comprehensive review I’ve ever done of all the factors that influence health and all the steps each of us should be taking in order to achieve a lifetime of great health.

It is a one-hour talk but most people will find it an hour well spent:

The talk mentions the Perfect Health Retreat. We’ve had great health results at the retreat, and very happy guests. Our next retreat is coming up April 30 to May 7. If you’re interested in joining us and getting an immersive experience in how to be healthy while enjoying a great vacation, send me an email:


  1. Hello Paul
    I am grateful to you for the help (book) on how to think rationally about health and arrange/interpret metabolic experiments accordingly. So I pass this comment in the hope that it may be useful to you. Please notice your posture (back and neck), consider whether Esther Gokhale got the causation arrow right and whether posture is a useful leading indicator of things to come.

  2. Yup. Agreed. One of the best overviews of PHD out there. I know it was 2014 but Paul you are at the top of your game!

  3. Gustavo Woltmann loves the paleo lifestyle! This is a great blog!- Gustavo Woltmann

  4. Great talk. Quick somewhat unrelated question – what happens to protein when it’s eaten in excess?

    • Prior to absorption, excess protein can be fermented by gut bacteria, producing a variety of toxins. During metabolism, there is toxicity from ammonia (a byproduct of protein metabolism), until the ammonia is converted to urea.

  5. Are there any good references for heart disease having a bacterial cause? The video is a very good review of the book but the reference to heart disease jumped out, I don’t remember that in the book. I’ve lately read Joseph Kraft’s work on hyperinsulinemia being a likely cause of vascular diseases and contributing to most modern disease. Is there a connection?

  6. Hello Paul,
    I just watched your latest presentation ‘The Keys to Perfect Health: How to Optimize Body, Mind, and Lifespan’.
    You mentioned having a dog for companionship if necessary. I wonder whats your take on having pets (cats and dogs) in general. Aren’t they a source of getting bad microbes or parasites. Especially if not living in the west and in a more warmer tropical environment.

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