New Podcast: Bruno de Gama, the Brazilian Health Nut

I had the pleasure recently of speaking to Bruno de Gama of Brazil on his Brazilian Health Nut Show. Bruno is a new arrival on the ancestral scene, but he seems poised to have a big impact. He’s a health coach, former model, and generally inspiring person.

Bruno put our interview on Youtube, here it is:

  1. Thanks Paul! It was a pleasure talking to you!

  2. Hi Paul, Shou-Ching

    First of all, thanks for a great life style plan.
    Implementing only few concepts made a great difference, like intermittent fasting and eliminating toxins like wheat, which I know realize how not good is it for me.

    I heard you, Paul, referring to a cook book and a video series that is supposed to help people take a step forward in this plan.
    When are those due to be released?

    Thanks again and break a leg with the new Bio Tech company initiative .

  3. So glad I listened to the whole thing. What I liked most was how the interviewer really did his homework, so the questions were in depth, informed, comprehensive, evocative, and led to the richest possible responses from Paul. (You can always tell when an interviewer obviously did not read the book and is really just pushing his/her own agenda. Not so with “The Brazilian Health Nut.”) Well done!

    I’ll echo Tal Halperin and say how excited I was to learn about your new biotech on antibody-drug conjugates. Heard a little bit about it from Dan Mandell after his chance encounter with Paul Tuesday evening. We’re all rooting for you! Have a fantastic retreat. And to all the people out there who wish they could be at the retreat but can’t, just keep listening to Paul’s podcasts and you’ll keep learning.
    Peggy Mandell

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