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Why You Should Buy the Book

Perfect Health Diet shows you how to optimize your diet and lifestyle to eliminate the causes of disease for a lifetime of great health.

The Perfect Health Diet is an ancestral (Paleo, Primal) diet that synthesizes insights from evolutionary biology and the dietary and nutritional literature to offer an innovative, yet ancestral, view of the optimal human diet.

As our Reader Results show, Perfect Health Dieters have experienced greatly improved health including cures of chronic diseases, permanent weight normalization without hunger or cravings, and improved energy, strength, and mood.

The food is delicious – it resembles gourmet cuisines such as French, Thai, and Chinese. There’s good reason for a healthy diet to be tasty: our brains evolved to make us healthy, so the foods that make us happiest are also the ones that make us healthy. The diet is also less restrictive than other Paleo/Primal diets, making it easier to fit into modern life.

Perfect Health Diet explains the science of good health clearly and comprehensively. If you enjoy science, or want to know the reasons why ancestral diets work and modern diets make us obese and sick, you’ll love the insight you gain as you see many lines of evidence lead to the same conclusions.

In short, if you would like:

  • Better health
  • Delicious and satisfying food
  • Improved understanding of the science of diet and health

then this is the book for you.

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  3. Hello,

    I read your book once and now I am reading it the second time. I wonder why your book was not translated into other languages. My english is pretty good, but all the special vocabulary concerning diseases, food, and human organs is quite tough.

    Yours sincerely,
    Doc Evil

  4. I purchased your audiobook on It references a PDF with tables and information however it was not included on the Audible site. Where can I get a hold of that?

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  6. Hai I am from india and I need this clear for life acne could you please tell me the cheaper way to buy this…… thank you

  7. Hi Paul, Any chance your book will be available in any other languages? Polish perhaps?

  8. Hello Paul, I had my lipids checked recently since following PHD for 2 months & my cholesterol (HDL 66, LDL 160, VLDL 8) & trigycerides (42) were in the ranges given in your book & of course the Dr recommended statins which is crazy. He said my Lipoprotein (a) is 282 & said that indicates a high risk of heart disease. Do I have anything to be worried about with high Lipoprotein (a), & if so could you please tell me how to lower it?

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Henry,

      Lp(a) is largely genetic and is not easily altered, see e.g. Your numbers actually signify extremely low cardiovascular risk. I would focus on bringing LDL down toward 130 by eating more carbs, supplementing a low dose of iodine, and addressing any subclinical hypothyroidism.

      If you want to please your doctor, alcohol lowers Lp(a), so you could drink more.

      • Hello Paul, I’ve been meaning to say thank you, and that I was tickled to get your response. I’ve been enjoying my evening beer or two that much more – for the health benefits of course. 😉

        • Hi Paul.

          My understanding is that high Lp(a) is a very strong risk factor for heart disease independent of other lipid values and other factors. I have had my Lp(a) measured twice: once 18 months ago and it was 220, and once last week and it was 140. Normal value is <50, preferably <30. I have a family history of stroke and heart disease, including early death from heart attack.

          Everything I read online about very elevated Lp(a) terrifies me, but I feel powerless to change anything. Can you help me understand the true implications of very elevated Lp(a)? I don't know what to do with this information.

          I follow PHD, have no metabolic disease, have TC 195, HDL 60, Trigs 75, LDL 120 and pattern A.

          The only difference I can isolate between the two Lp(a) measurements (that might explain the decrease) is that just prior to the most recent test I finished a round of SIBO treatment (herbal abx) and had been taking DIM to reduce excess estrogen. At the time of the first Lp(a) test, I had undiagnosed SIBO.

          My functional med doc prescribed high dose (500-1000mg/day) niacin as treatment but I am reluctant due to your info on niacin drawbacks. Would love your thoughts.

          Thank you!

      • PS: My LDL levels had gone done with the increase in carbs you suggested, but I recently did a parasite/candida clease & was low carb during, so now that I’m reminded that the recommendation for bringing LDL down is more carb – I will begin making that adjustment again.

      • Also, I asked my Dr to test C-reactive protein, but protein c activity (APC) was ordered instead – & it can back elevated – 192%. Would you be concerned? I’ve read that it could mean fatty liver, & or Vit K deficiency – I take 100 mgJarrow MK7, & 5000 IU Jarrow D3 daily. Have been on a cleanse/detox protocol since March & have done 5 liver/gallbladder flushes releasing about 500 stones so far. What are your thoughts on this test result, & the flushes?
        Thank you.

    • Hello Paul, now 2 1/2 years later my lipids are HDL 94, LDL 173, & Triglycerides (59) & the Dr is still pushing the statins – even with the high HDL & low Tryglycerides – which I politely decline. Also, pre-PHD my TSH had gotten up to 2.99 & I just finally got it under 1 at( .86).
      I would like your opinion on mercury detox. Are you familiar with the Quicksilver Scientific protocol with IMD by Christopher Shade, & if so what are your thoughts? Also, what is your opinion on Liver/Gallbladder flush with the Epsom salts & olive oil/grapefruit juice mixture?
      Thanks so much.

  9. I’d like to sell these books to my patients. Is there a way I can get them wholesale?

  10. Hi Paul,

    I agree with Tom Conant: if I buy the version, how can we access the pdf’s? Obviously an audio book cannot contain any documents.



  11. What different in the latest version?

    • Hi Liz,

      The 2012 Scribner/Scribe editions radically updated the 2010 YinYang Press edition, doubling the length and revising the material substantially. It was almost a new book. Then in 2013 in the US there was a paperback release with some extra recipes, otherwise no significant changes.

  12. Not sure if my question was sent as I had an error a come up.
    I have just received my copy of your book from Amazon UK. Do I understand that you have an updated edition coming out? In which case I shall fell quite aggrieved!!!

  13. Hi Paul,
    Is the Hungarian translation based on the first edition or the revised 2012 edition of your book?

  14. Hi Paul,

    Is it about time you do an update to the book? I think there is enough new materials that you have written in the website that can make a nice update to the book. I’m especially looking for anymore research you may have gathered with regards to gut bacteria and how they impact our bodies.

    • Hi Allen,

      No, I think the current version of the book is very solid. We did a lot of blogging between 2010 and 2012 and that allowed us to make substantial revisions in the 2012 edition, which we’re still very happy with.

      We’ll have a cookbook coming out later this year and probably a gastronomy book the following year, those will have new material that complements the existing book. Those could have some gut bacteria related material that you’re seeking.

      If we did do a revision to the Scribner book, it would probably be after we’ve written a lifestyle book, then we could remove the lifestyle material in Perfect Health Diet and free up space for diet/nutrition topics. But I think we would need years to get everything together to justify that.

      Best, Paul

  15. Hello, I was wondering what the difference is between the US an UK version of the book. Thank you.

  16. I purchased the PHD mp3 book about a year ago from I just now got around to listening to it and I got to the end of the first disk to find that the second disk is a completely different book! can’t refund me because it’s been a year, so I’m wondering if there’s something you can do? I know it’s not your fault, but I’d happily take a burnt CD in the mail. The second disk is all I need. Stopping in the middle of a book is torture!

  17. Hi,
    I read your book twice already and am in almost physical pain now when I see my parents eat the way they eat. Given the fact that we are from Germany and their understanding of the English language is more or less non-existent, I wonder if you have taken steps to make the book available in German so that I can make them read it 🙂
    Thanks a lot in advance for your answer,

    • Hi Falk, We would love nothing more than to get a German edition, but no German publishers have bitten yet. By the way, I will be speaking in Berlin on July 25 at the first German Paleo convention.

      • Paul, your progress spreading word has been phenomenal — may it continue until all the “advice” the public has gotten from nutrition “experts” is erased from memory.

        Ahaltenden Erfolg

        Falk, if the above doesn’t say “Continued success,” blame Google translator. 😕

        • erp– you have a typo:
          Anhaltenden Erfolg, is better.
          @Paul Jaminet, How did it go on with the German Edition?
          Please give the status quo on twitter

          • Hi Til,

            The German edition will come out this summer. I’ll be speaking at Medicine Week in Baden-Baden Oct 28-29.

            Best, Paul

          • Hi Paul Jaminet
            you pointed it will come this summer.
            Today the summer has gone,
            Now, please let me know about the status for your books German edition.
            thanks and have a excellent time

  18. Hi Paul,
    I can no longer find the UK edition of your book available to buy. Is it out of print? Only the kindle version, Australian version or various other US versions. How can I get hold of a UK one please?

  19. Thanks Paul. I have just checked ISBN 1922070211 and it comes up with the Australian version:
    So I still can’t find how to find the UK book version anymore.

  20. Looks like a great read to have around! I have been reading Michael Galitzer’s Outstanding Heath and it’s been a great asset to me! is his book site, he’s great on energy and that is so important!

  21. Hi,
    Just to let you know I asked
    to stock your book 🙂 Hope that’s OK.
    They said they could if they can get it wholesale.

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  24. Hi Paul, can I ask how the Australian edition of your book is different? Am considering whether it’s worth paying a bit more for than the US edition. Thanks

    • Hi Helene,

      It’s almost identical, but (a) units are SI (metric) instead of English, and (b) a few dozen illustrative examples and statistics in the book have been localized to Australia rather than the US (sentences like “the obesity rate has risen from X to Y in Z”).

      Also, the 2013 US paperback edition has some capsule recipes that were added. The Australian edition is based on the US hardcover (2012) edition.

      Best, Paul

  25. Hi – I’m a functional medicine doctor and would like to buy your book for my patients. Is it available at wholesale/bulk? If so will you please send me information?

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  28. Hello,
    Has the narrator of your book changed recently?

  29. Paul Jaminet – Circadian Rhythms - pingback on September 18, 2016 at 8:22 pm
  30. Hey Paul, I have had some problems with the recommended ratios for macros. I find that if fat is my highest ratio I develop gout. If I eat more protein and keep my carbs and fat equal the gout goes away. Im concerned about the affect on my kidneys and possibly MTor. My carbs are all vegetable and a small amount of fruit. Any thoughts

    • Hi Thom,

      You are way too low carb, don’t count vegetables as providing any carb calories and “a small amount of fruit” is not going to provide enough carbs either. Gout is usually due to excess fructose or alcohol consumption, possibly in combination with omega-6 fats. Try switching from omega-6 to saturated fats, cutting alcohol, and eating more starch.

      Best, Paul

  31. Hello, It is possible to buy it in Hungarian language? I live in Hungary but I can’t find the book in the bookshop, how could I buy it?

    Thank you!


  32. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your answer. I have called the shop today but they said the book wasn’t available, and they couldn’t say if the book would be available in the future. Could you help me ?

    Thank you!


  33. Hi Paul,

    Is there still a cookbook coming out at some point? I love the diet but I’m just not creative at putting meals together.


  34. I am trying to buy your book on audible and I get the message:
    “We’re sorry. Due to publishing rights restrictions, we are not authorized to sell this item in the country where you live.”
    How can I buy an audiobook ?

    • Good question. I don’t know. Maybe you could use a proxy server to conceal where you are buying from? Hard copies can be purchased through the Book Depository almost anywhere in the world.

      Best, Paul

  35. Rajni Dwivedi

    Dear Paul,
    I read the book, some sections very carefully and some other sections just scanned. I found that there is not much for vegetarians. For example for protein we only have milk and milk products. Therefore my questions are what could be the other possible sources for vegetarian for protein? is Milk protein enough, how much of it ?


    • Hi Rajni,

      Eggs. Vegetables (although the protein content is small, the protein:calorie ratio is not, so if you eat a lot it will improve protein status). In general, choosing to be a vegetarian is choosing to be on a relatively low protein diet. Milk is a good source of protein.

      Best, Paul

  36. What is the latest edition of your book i.e. Publication Date? I can find December 2013 on and, April 2013. ?



  37. I purchased your Kindle edition several years ago and would also like a hardcopy now so I can reference information more easily. I want t make sure that I get the latest edition. When I go to the link on your site to Amazon, it appears as 2012. Can you offer a link to the most up-to-date hardcopy/paperback version? Thanks, Lisa

  38. Can a vegetarian do this diet? What modifications would they need?

  39. Hi Paul,

    Is there a version of your book available in Chinese?

  40. Hi do you have any advice for xanthalasma? Came up about 7 years ago – also developed allergies – coffee, red wine, some foods.

  41. Hi there , I purchased your book a few weeks back , this book is a must in my opinion for anyone and would recommend it to anyone . I have been doing the PHD now for 6 months or so minus the suppliments , which means I can now spend less money as IV been taking too many , massive thank you for all you knowledge.

    I do I have one big question and seems hard to find any sort of good knowledge anywhere and that is what about kids nutrition and more specifically suppliments? We feed our girls( 9 and 14) and clean and varied diet and thorn multivitamin but after reading your book I have stopped with the multi but I’m not sure of what individual suppliments and I what ratios as it will be different from a adult?? I did notice you mention there supplement with vit D !!! This is especially important as we live in the UK and don’t see a whole lot of sun .

    Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated .

    Many thanks for your time


    • Hi Gareth,

      Merry Christmas, thanks for your support!

      In generally, children need fewer supplements, because they eat more calories in proportion to body weight, so they get more nutrition from food than adults. The only supplements they need, as a rule, are for nutrients that support growth, such as zinc and vitamin K2, and things that are missing for environmental reasons, such as vitamin D in winter, or missing from drinking water, such as magnesium. Beyond that, supplement nutrients that are missing because of a lack of diversity in the diet. For example, in a diet with no seafood or iodized salt, iodine supplementation would be indicated.

      Best, Paul

  42. Why dis ancient people live on grains but we’re not supposed to. And why is dairy so bad if we get it from raw source?

  43. Hi,

    I followed the link to amazon to buy the new edition of the book, but it still says Dec, 11, 2012. How do I know if I’ll be getting the new one or the old one? Thanks.

    • Hi Evan,

      The hardcover edition was published in 2012. The paperback edition is the same but for extra recipes, and was published in 2013. The Kindle edition will be the 2013 edition. These are the newest editions.

      Best, Paul

  44. 안녕하신가!

    Hi, it’s hard to buy book in korea. Of course I can but it requires energy and tolerance. In amazon, there’s only one book left. So I’m afraid that new edition will be published after I buy the book.

    Do you have plan to publish new edition soon?
    Then, my plan may be changed.

    Thank you!

  45. Hi, I would like to ask you, if the PHD is available in polish by any chance?

    Thank you!

  46. I am looking for the references sited in your book, but they are not listed either after each chapter or in the back of the book. Where can I find the references?
    Thank you.

  47. Hi Paul, I’m confused as which is the last version of the book on Amazon. I bought the book “paperback December 2013” and I thought that was the last version, but it includes the Iodine recommendation of 1000mcg per day, so i assume is the previous one.

    thank you

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