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Our Perfect Health diet and lifestyle program has produced great results at the Perfect Health Retreats.

Now, we’ve condensed that advice down to a single day. The Perfect Health Seminar will give a one-day overview of the keys to achieving a lifetime of great health.

The Seminar will be hosted by R.A.W. Training, 2330 Wildwood Road, Wildwood, PA 15044 (near Pittsburgh). Mark the date: Sunday, July 20, from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Reserve your spot today! Space is limited, only 40 reservations will be accepted. The seminar costs $179 through our “early bird special” web registration, $199 at the door. To register:

The program has four parts: Knowledge, Movement, Food, Change.

  • Knowledge: I’ll speak four times, about Diet, Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Exercise. The goal of each talk is to give the essence of our advice in each category.
  • Movement: We have five movement sessions spread throughout the day. They cover the five movement modalities of the Perfect Health Retreat: foundations (posture, breathing, and everyday movements), cardiorespiratory fitness, strength, mobility, and “night movement” (relaxation, stress relief, meditation, preparation for sleep).
  • Food: We have a class in meal design and a “design your own” PHD lunch.
  • Change: This is the specialty of our health coaches, Stephanie Telep and Vanessa Alberts. We’ll give some advice for how to support and maintain lasting lifestyle changes.

A complete schedule:

Start Time Activity Description
8:30 am Registration Coffee and tea available
8:45 am Welcome; group share We introduce ourselves and discuss the day’s agenda
9:00 am Exercise I: Foundations Posture (sitting, standing, sleeping); Breathing; Core/spine stabilization in everyday movements
9:20 am Science I: Diet Overview: How to eat
10:00 am Exercise II: Cardiorespiratory fitness Barefoot-style running; Primal movements for cardiorespiratory fitness
10:30 am Science II: Nutrition Overview: How to optimize nutrition
11:15 am Mindful eating Who’s stronger, you or a chocolate covered raisin?
11:30 am Exercise III: Strength Primal movements with weights; movement recipes
12:00 pm Practical Eating: Meal Preparation How to prepare a PHD meal, and be an intuitive chef
12:30 pm Lunch 2187 flavors of Bi Bim Bap!
1:00 pm Science III: Lifestyle Overview: How to organize your environment and daily schedule
1:45 pm Exercise IV: Mobility Mobility, neurological health, fascia release and massage
2:15 pm Practical living Group discussion: How do we arrange our environments and schedule? How do we support one another and our families?
2:45 pm Science IV: Exercise Overview: How to maximize the health benefits of physical activity
3:30 pm Exercise V: Night Movement Relaxation, meditation, stress relief; preparation for sleep
4:00 pm Health management Practical ways to build momentum for lasting health improvement
4:45 pm Farewell and conclusion Closing remarks; meet one-on-one with Paul, the health coaches, and trainers

Presented by:

PHD_300px raw-training SweatButter_300px

For those who, like me, are coming from a distance and need lodging, the nearest choices are:

And here is a printable flyer.

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  1. This looks fantastic. Any plans to take this on the road? Maybe the Seattle area please?!

  2. Indeed!! Seattle would be the BEST fun. 😀

  3. Bruce Henderson

    Would you be interested in looking at an organic, fermented, synthetic free, Gluten, GMO, Dairy and Soy free whole and super food nutritional? A daily serving provides 5 servings of organic, fermented fruits and vegetables, the Oat Beta Glucans in 8 servings of Oatmeal, the Probiotics of 6 servings of yogurt and the Resveratrol of 28 glasses of wine?

  4. Derek Scolnick

    I purchased a ticket through PayPal yesterday. Is there some way I could get conformation that I have a spot?

  5. This seminar sounds awesome! Is there space available ? Would I be able to pay at the door?

    • Yes, there’s space. You can pay at the door, but we were planning to charge more at the door ($199), so it would be best to register in advance. We charge more because we have to plan food in advance and we risk running short of food if there are too many day-of-the-event arrivals.

  6. I would like to share the Perfect Health Diet with some family members who are just to busy to read a book unless they really want too. Any plans for a video that would highlight the program and benefits to get them interested?

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