Joseph N. on the Perfect Health Retreat

Reminder: Scott Colby’s Ultimate Health Summit is live, and my interview with Scott appears for free today, Thursday, March 5. Check it out!

The October 2014 Perfect Health Retreat was a delightful experience. We had almost perfect weather – 13 of 14 days were sunny and warm – and the people were terrific.

A number of guests generously contributed written or video testimonials. Here’s one from Joseph N. of Houston, Texas:

Here’s what is provided in a week at the Perfect Health Retreat:

  • Daily science classes, led by Paul, explaining the reasons behind our advice.
  • Twice-daily cooking classes, led by Shou-Ching, teaching practical home cooking and meal design.
  • Thrice-daily movement classes, led by our staff of expert personal trainers, providing a complete hands-on training in all modalities of movement – including physical activity, relaxation and stress relief, and mobility and healing.
  • Delicious PHD food prepared by Chef Chris Gates, who has served as private chef for Steve Winwood, R.E.M., Carlos Santana, and Widespread Panic and for Hollywood stars.
  • Health coaching from Paul, helping to troubleshoot and fix any personal health issues.
  • An environment designed to model PHD advice and make healthful living easy.
  • A luxury vacation at the finest property on a magnificent beach, complete with two heated salt-water pools, two hot tubs, and the amenities and personal care you’d expect at a luxury resort.

Altogether, it’s a complete education in how achieve a lifetime of great health.

The May retreat has already sold out, and we’re now accepting reservations for October 10-17. The number of retreats is limited due to Paul and Shou-Ching’s other obligations, and we expect October to sell out early as well.

If you’d like to attend or learn more, visit our web pages under the Perfect Health Retreat tab above, or write Paul at


  1. Peggy Mandell

    Nice interview with Scott! Violated my own circadian rhythm to listen tonight as I normally retire at 8 pm. So glad you’re so grateful for Shou-Ching. We are too! And where would any of us be (those of us fortunate to have found our life soul-mates) without our partners who hang in there for us in sickness and in health?

  2. Peggy Mandell

    Loved, loved, loved Russ Crandall’s interview. What a great, enlightened guy. Such a wonderful complement to PHD!

    • Hi Peggy, I just wanted to say thank you for listening to both Paul and Russ Crandall’s interview. That means a lot to me. I’m glad you enjoyed them both!

      Have a great weekend.

      With gratitude,


      • Peggy Mandell

        Wow, Scott–I didn’t know you were “out there”! I just finished Susan Kleiner as well as Chris Bailey. You’ve had some UNUSUAL, out of the box, speakers. I am learning a lot. You are an exceptional interviewer in that you do not interrupt or try to upstage your guests. Love your “what are you grateful for?” question–you never know what people will say!

        • Thanks Peggy, that means so much to me that you are listening to these and getting a lot of value. And thanks for the nice words! Yes I was fortunate to get a wide range of guests with various expertise. Hope you enjoy the rest of the speakers.

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