Would You Like a Signed Copy?

All babies are beautiful to their parents, and we’re very happy with our proof copy of the book.

Books Will Start Shipping on Monday

We’ll be organizing our shipping instructions this weekend and will start sending books out on Monday. So early buyers can expect to receive their copies in as little as a week.

Signed Copies

When Ladybug asked us for a signed copy, we could hardly say no. Since we’re doing it for one, we thought we’d make the option available to everyone.

We would appreciate it if you give us something in return. If you enjoyed the book and believe it will help readers improve their health, won’t you consider sharing that information with others by leaving a reader review on Amazon.com?

Send me an email (paul@perfecthealthretreat.com) if you would like a signed copy. We have to receive your email by Sunday night. Delivery of signed copies will be delayed by about a week.

Availability from Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, etc.

The book will be available from online outlets. I don’t yet have a date for when that will happen. Until it does, we will continue to sell the book from our web site.

Bulk Discounts

Several people have asked about bulk discounts from the list price of $24.95. We will offer bulk discounted sales from this web site. The price schedule is:

Copies             Price per copy
5-9                  $20.99            
10-14               $18.99            
15-24               $16.99            
25-49               $15.99            
50+                  $14.99            

Shipping will be free to the US, Canada, and probably the UK; discounted to other countries. All shipments must be made to a single address.


We will be making a Kindle version and also a few other e-book formats, e.g. for Adobe Reader. I can’t predict when these will be available; I will get them done as soon as possible. The earliest possible availability is probably late November.

The Color Companion

Color printing is exorbitantly expensive, so the book’s pictures had to be printed in grayscale.

Because the food pictures are so much more attractive in color, we’re going to make available a free PDF download – the Perfect Health Diet Color Companion. It will reprint the book images in color, with some brief commentary.


We’re very happy to be getting the book out. I have to say, I spent a few hours this afternoon reading – I opened it in the middle and then couldn’t put it down. I think it’s an entertaining as well as informative book. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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  1. Please, please, please also create a Nook (Barnes and Noble’s ebook reader) version as well as the Kindle version?

  2. Hi Stephen,

    I’ll have to look into that one and get back to you. I’m sure we’ll be able to do it, but I don’t know how quickly.

    Best, Paul

  3. Congrats! I can’t wait to get my copy.

  4. Congratulations to you and Shou-Ching, Paul. I truly hope your book will be well-received and widely read.

  5. Thanks, Sam and Jeremy. We hope so too. The book represents years of effort – mostly spent learning how to cure our own diseases, to be sure, only another year to make that knowledge accessible to readers – but it would please us greatly to see others benefit from that work.

  6. This might be the place to leave this question. New here and have loved reading your site all morning! I wonder how to subscribe to the blog? Am I missing something, somewhere to click? Can’t wait to buy the book.


  7. Hi Claire,

    I haven’t set up email subscriptions yet, I guess I should do that.

    What we do have is an RSS feed. If you subscribe to the RSS feed, every post will arrive in Outlook or whatever else you use for RSS reading just like an email. The RSS subscription button is in the upper right.

    Best, Paul

  8. I am familiar with the RSS feed and did try clicking on that and a bunch of code filled my screen. I am hopelessly computer challenged, but will try again.

    Email subscriptions would be great, although it sounds as if you have been busy.

    One quick question, how do I compute 400-600 calories of carbs/day? I think of carbs in grams and can’t seem to make the conversion related to calories…


  9. Hi Claire,

    4 calories per gram, so 400-600 calories is 100-150 g.

    I’m a little puzzled about the RSS feed trouble. Are you using an odd browser?

    Best, Paul

  10. Paul,

    Am in Australia. Purchased your pre-release version some weeks ago. Was very happy with it and will do a review on Amazon.

    You offered to send print version, when released. This is probably not realistic for non- USA purchasers, given shipping costs. Any chance of emailing a copy of the print version PDF file to those of us who are outside USA and Canada, to whom you had promised to send a print copy?

  11. Hi TPHNS,

    We’re sending the book free to international buyers, including Australians. Our goal is to introduce our ideas, and we don’t want exorbitant shipping fees to keep the ideas away from Australians.

    Best, Paul

  12. I received my hard copy version of PHD this week in the mail. Thank you so much, I prefer this copy so much, I leave it on the coffee table and refer back to it often. Its a great read and reaffirms all my beliefs of my current diet. I really appreciate the supplement advice and found the carb ratios interesting. I have begun to try to stick closely to the exact ratios in the book. I too am an ultra distance runner that completed a 100 miler in the mountains of colorado and used this diet with the exception of the last 2 weeks before the race. I wished I would have had some of this information before the race. I dont know if I will ever compete in another 100 miler but if I do, I certainly will take your recommendations and apply them. Thanks again for a great book on nutrition. It is my new fav book on diet.

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