Happy Father’s Day; and Pictures From Our Vacation

Happy Father’s Day! Our best wishes to all Dads.

I’ll be spending part of today on Cary Nosler’s radio show this afternoon from 3-4 eastern time (12-1 Pacific) and you can listen on the Internet by clicking the “Listen Live” button at the top of his page. The interview will also be archived online and I’ll post a link when that is available.

Since it’s a day of relaxation, we thought we’d share photos from our vacation.

The primary motivation for this trip was to help the oldest of our wards, Samantha, move to Savannah, Georgia. Along the way we spent a few hours at beaches in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware; Ocean City, Maryland; Chincoteague Island, Virginia; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Wilmington, North Carolina; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and Tybee Island, Savannah, Georgia. We also spent a few days touring Chincoteague Island, Virginia and Savannah.

Here is a sampling of pictures.

Most of the beach towns looked similar. Here is a view of Myrtle Beach:

Savannah has a beautiful cathedral:

At the mass we attended an Irish priest told stories from his childhood: of “Montana Fitz,” a rare Irishman who had returned from the US, who told the children that the skyscrapers of New York were so high they had to cut out floors to let the moon pass through; and of being banned from the cinema for 6 months after he kidnapped a goat and smuggled it into the theater, raising havoc mid-show.

Here is a picture of me on River Street in Savannah, our nephew Hong is on the right:

Here is the oak drive into Wormsloe, an estate established by one of the original settlers of Georgia – and Paul and Shou-Ching:

Wormsloe had some salamanders which were good at blending into the background:

A Georgia crab:

Here is Tybee Island, Georgia:

A self-photograph:

A stingray caught by a fisherman at Sea Gull Pier on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

He was thrown back:

A salt marsh on the eastern shore of Virginia:

Some ducks:

On Chincoteague Island, a seabird eating our nuts:

An egret caught a fish:

A turtle:

Chincoteague Island is full of egrets:

One of these birds is having a bad hair day:

This one caught an eel:

I’m not sure what these birds are:

It’s also full of blue crabs.

We generally stay in efficiency suites so we have the option of cooking, and it paid off here as we spent an hour and a half crabbing and had a nice crab dinner.

I’m not sure if crabbing is hunting or gathering, but it sure is easy. We caught thirty 5” or larger blue crabs in an hour and a half and could easily have caught a hundred.

We also caught a pair of mating horseshoe crabs:

They walked off together:

Of course, Chincoteague is known for its wild ponies. They’re not always so wild:

Here they are grazing on marsh grasses:

Finally, sunset:

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  1. This is so beautiful! Looks like you guys had really good time, but I think everybody’s glad you’re back 🙂 The southern east coast is just so incredibly alive in the spring, I don’t think the area gets enough credit. Ahhh, now I wanna go…

  2. Great photos! The bird with the downward curving red beak is a white ibis (the one here is a juvenile who has not turned fully white yet), with a snowy egret (yellow feet) in the foreground. I see them all the time in coastal NC. My sister lives in coastal NC, as did my folks before their passing (miss you Dad!). I love going to that area of the country, seeing the birds and the wild ponies. I have a niece and nephew living in Wilmington, NC. Glad you had a great trip.

  3. What fun.

    We live just south of where you where — along the Atlantic coast of Florida and every morning just before dawn, there is a cacophony of small bird calls. There are also tons of egrets, herons, hawks and down on the beach, all kinds of shore birds including many dozens of pelicans flying in a single file catching the updrafts — except for the snakes and ginormous spiders, it’s a real cool place to live.

  4. Thanks! Good to know what a white ibis is.

    I enjoyed it, we haven’t been south of Virginia before. It was nice to find out where the warm water is. Savannah was a pretty town. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to check out Charleston.

  5. Welcome back Paul- you’ve been missed. Your vacation looks marvelous and relaxing. You and Shou-Ching make a great looking couple.

  6. Oh … aren’t you two such a nice looking couple! It’s neat to put a face to both of you 🙂 Looks like you enjoyed!

  7. Welcome back! Those are beautiful photos.

  8. If you ever do that trip again, be sure to visit Hunting Island State Park, just east of Beaufort, SC, and north of Hilton Head Island. One of the most beautiful beaches in the US. A hidden gem.


  9. I apologize, but you’re obviously not a very lean person – do you believe that one can give a nutritional advice if they are not?

    What do you think about the idea that if one follows someone’s nutritional guidelines would – they would look like their author?

  10. Patience, absjunkie. I’ll be blogging about that soon, and in fact I expect to be optimally lean before long. This has a lot to do with my personal chronic disease history. There are natural fluctuations in weight and leanness which occur during chronic disease recovery. In fact my experience with this has made me more qualified to offer nutritional advice.

  11. Did you take a trolley tour of Savannah? My husband and I took one when we went there this past February and it was really interesting. I’m glad you all had a good time.

    I bought your book in December and eventually gave the copy to my doctor so now I need to order a new one. I appreciate all of the work you and Shou-Ching do, thank you.

    Welcome back 🙂

  12. Hi Tana, We didn’t take a trolley tour, but we did visit some of the places on the tour.

    Suzan, thanks for the tip, I’m sure we’ll get there one of these days.

  13. Ummm… You might not be optimally lean, but jeez, you’re certainly NOT obviously overweight let alone obese like so many purveyors of nutritional advice.

  14. Hi CarbSane – A little puffy, a little extra fat, and little less muscle than usual due to inflammation from my Candida infection which flared in March and is receding. I hope to eradicate the thing this time. In a few months I expect to be quite lean.

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