Hunter-Gatherer Photos

We went to Cape Cod this weekend. In lieu of a food post, I’ll share a few photos.

The water at Ridgevale Beach in Chatham, Massachusetts was a very swimmable 70ºF (21ºC), but hardly anyone else was swimming:

I don’t know why. Too cool? Threat of rain? Rampant hypothyroidism? (UPDATE: Fear of sharks?)

We did meet up with a few native hunter-gatherers. Here is a Least Tern fishing for the benefit of his nesting mate:

Here is a seagull who caught a crab:

And a Piping Plover:

No, I didn’t measure their serum cholesterol.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

  1. … and 1,000 miles south of you, a patriotic crow stands tall.

  2. Um, isn’t Chatham the area where great whites have been sighted, and you’re supposed to stay away from the seals (bait)?

    Happy 4th!

  3. Yes, indeed:

    Something did nip at my foot, but I assumed it was a crab.

  4. Beautiful! Thanks.

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