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Sean Croxton just sent me the questions he’ll be asking on tonight’s show — they’re terrific and I can’t wait for the show. Sean and I will discuss some controversial assertions from our book, and major factors enabling weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight. To listen live, tune in to the Underground Wellness show at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific.

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  1. Hey Paul,
    I was hoping to get in a question with you tonight on the podcast, but did not get to. Here’s my question: What are your thoughts about the consumption of raw honey for a healthy individual following a diet similar to “the perfect health diet”? Is it problematic when it causes bacteria in the intestines to produce excess gas for certain individuals? Honey doesn’t seem to have the same effects as pure fructose on overall health, which we of course want to avoid. This suggests honey is different:

    • Hi Zack,

      Honey is better than sugar for sure. I think small amounts are fine. If it produces gas, you could have fructose malabsorption which might be genetic in some people or can result from gut dysbiosis. In that case I would try eating fermented vegetables, improving digestion (eg trying betaine hydrochloride if you’re deficient in stomach acid, digestive enzymes perhaps, bile supports like vitamin C and taurine perhaps), and see if you can change the gut flora so it’s better tolerated.

  2. Thanks it was great.

  3. I enjoyed the show, I thought the question format provided an ideal way for you to explain the diet and the reasons behind the recommendations. I got a better sense of the philosophy behind the PHD – what it’s intended to do and for whom – from listening.

  4. I missed the show last night. Is there any way to hear it?
    Thank you

    • I find the Stitcher app on my smartphone to be a fantastic way to listen to Sean’s podcast, if that’s an option. Just download the app, search for Underground Wellness, and you’ve got immediate access to the most recent 5 podcasts.

    • Hi Roberta,

      Yes, the link is on his website.

      I’ll put up a media page shortly with all the podcast links.

      Best, Paul

  5. Very useful to listen to this. What I found an eyeopener is that optimum macronutrient ratio’s may differ somewhat when you suffer from a specific healthissue (as different pathogens prefer different macronutrient environment), as well as that specific requirements may change during the course of healing. This kind of personal tweeking I find makes so much sense, it always leaves me with the question if the macronutrient rations between men and women are somewhat different (men slightly more proteins, women slightly more carbs from safe starches), it seems to be the difference in preferenc between my husband and myself, and it would make sense the hunters would have been men, and the gatherers women, and they would have eaten during their hunting and gathering hours.
    Thank you again Paul and Shou-Ching, many regards from the Netherlands.

  6. I too enjoyed the show.

    yesterday, I placed my order for your book at my local (small town) bookstore. The owner was so intrigued she ordered two more copies – one to display in the store and one for herself! (she said she is also continually selling out of of Nourishing traditions, but the vegan books are increasingly staying on the shelves!)

    Anyway, I was interested hear your comments about eating in the morning, cream in coffee, etc. I have morning coffee, with cream or butter/coconut oil and find I am fine til lunchtime

    I would be interested to hear your take on the concept of “eat 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking”. Some people swear by it, but when I have tried it I find it slows me down for hours!

    either is better than my old oatmeal breakfast in terms of keeping hunger at bay for hours, or even all day.

    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your support! That’s wonderful that you introduced your local bookstore owner to us.

      I think some cream or coconut oil in coffee is a good way to relieve hunger and extend a fast. However, if you’re not hungry I would minimize the extra fat and add just enough to make the coffee taste good.

      I do think it’s good to have about that amount of protein (or more) in the first meal of the day, but there’s no reason the first meal has to be within 30 minutes of waking — it can be 6 hours later. Whenever hunger begins is a good time to eat the first meal. I also would not favor taking pure protein, I think protein should be taken as part of a balanced meal.

  7. Hey Paul,

    Several months working with a whole foods/primal approach. First time listening to you. Loved the show. Love how you bridge the gap between Paleo and reality. And you’re a really professional, calm voice. Great stuff. Thanks for all of your hard work. I will get the book the day it is released.

    Quick question about your ratios please…

    How does one get only 15% of their calories from protein, on a diet consisting primarily of animal fats, when no animal meat itself contains even close to that little? Even ground beef, hot dogs, and eggs are around 35% protein. Heck, bacon is over 25%. Sure when you bring the starch in, it will lower those numbers, but it will also bring the total fat percentage down. It seems like for fat to exceed protein by that much, you would have to be doing a lot of heavy buttering or coconut oil supplementation – the very things you say not to do if trying to lose weight.

    Example: I too eat twice a day. Tonight I picked up a little 8 oz beef shoulder steak and a 1/2 lb sweet potato for lunch tomorrow (I’ll probably have some spinach too but we don’t count that). Suppose I do that again for dinner. I’m then at exactly your daily recommendations on both sides of the apple. However, my macro breakdown would be roughly 34% fat/34% carb/32% protein. Now this is only about 1100 calories. As a 185 lb man, I can easily afford 500 more calories, and probably need them. I’ll lather all of this with about 2 1/2 tablespoons per meal. So now I’m at a good weight loss energy income of 1600 calories, but my now my macro breakdown is 51/26/23. So while I’m close to the 55% on fat now, I’m now below the 30% of carbs, and still a decent amount above the %15 protein. Not even throwing in some macadamia nuts or dark chocolate gets me there, plus then I’d be at risk of being in energy deficit.

    Thanks for any clarification or tips that you have time to offer.

    • Hi Clark,

      Well, it’s OK to eat more protein if you like. But my diet is around 15% protein. As you say, starches generally need fat on them. A potato wouldn’t be right without sour cream or butter. Also vegetables are often cooked in some oil. Fiber and alcohol can add a bit of calories, a few percent of energy.

      In your case, the proportions are a little different than our food plate. We recommend 1 lb safe starch, 1 lb sugary plant/fruit/berry, plus vegetables to taste but they might add up to 1 lb also, and about 3/4 lb meat or fish. So plant to animal ratio is about 3 lb to 3/4 lb. Your lunch had roughly equal weights plant and animal foods.

      So add more plant foods, add more fat, and you’ll be more in line with our recommendations.

      If you trying to lose weight, keep the plants and meat but don’t add as much fat.

  8. *lathering with 2.5 tablespoons grass fed butter, that is

  9. Ugh. Sorry.

    *would be at risk of NOT being in energy deficit by adding macadamias or dark chocolate

  10. I pre-ordered your book on Amazon, but like Clark I’m trying to get started on this diet now.

    I try to have meat, veggies, and either rice or potato (white) with lunch and dinner meals. I eat 3 eggs, a sauteed onion and 2 pieces of bacon for breakfast.

    When you say ” 1 lb safe starch, 1 lb sugary plant/fruit/berry, plus vegetables to taste but they might add up to 1 lb also, and about 3/4 lb meat or fish” Is that per meal or for the whole day?

    I usually have 4 to 6 oz of meat per meal, about 2 cups of mixed vegetables (with a couple of pats of butter) and then a cup of rice (cooked) or a half of potato with butter and sour cream.

    Is this enough and in the right proportions?

    Can’t wait to read your book when it’s released on the 11th. I’ve had trouble staying on anything without anything but veggie carbs (Primal) for more than 3 or 4 months at a time and my mood would darken more than I liked while I was. I’m hoping your diet will clear that up.

    • Hi Chris,

      Whole day. I usually do intermittent fasting and eat two meals a day, so those would be divided over two meals.

      That’s pretty good. Close enough. Follow your taste preferences to what pleases you. I would probably have more like a whole potato myself, but large potatoes can be pretty big.

      • OK. Thanks for the quick reply.

        What about the “1lb of sugary plant/fruit/berry”? I don’t remember seeing that anywhere on your site. I did see the graphic that has the leaf that says “alcohol, fruits and berrys and artificial sweeteners” but I didn’t see anything about 1lb of any of those.

  11. Hi Paul:
    Would be very interested in knowing how with two meals a day you fit in the 1lb of sugary plants along with starches. Do you eat a cup of berries for dessert, for example, and carrots/beets with your two main meals? What if any, other veggies with those meals?
    Was unclear to me that the diet from 1st book called for so much in the way of sugary plant food(1lb) in addition to starches. Thanks
    Oh, does 2nd ed have recipes- maybe a sample week.

  12. Hello Paul!

    Great podcast as always. You mentioned you typically workout around noon, is that in a fasted state and what type of exercise do you do?

  13. In the clip you say you eat 2 times daily, this means your meals will be 1000+ calories.. this seems like a lot in one sitting to me! is eating twice daily preferable to 3-5 smaller servings of food?

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