Request: Recipes!

We’re going to include a short recipe section in the U.S. paperback edition, to be released in December, and probably also the U.K. edition, to be released in the fall.

We thought it would be fun to acknowledge some of our great reader-cooks by including reader recipes in the book.

So if you have a favorite PHD recipe and are willing to see your name in the next edition of Perfect Health Diet, please leave your recipe (or a link to one on the Recipes page comment thread) and a sentence explaining why you like the recipe so much.

Recipes must be received by May 1. We’ll decide which ones will be in the new edition on May 3. Thank you!

P.S. — A friend of PHD cooking, Russ Crandall, who blogs at The Domestic Man, is up for Best Special Diets Blog at Saveur. Please go vote for him!

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  1. Pork and pickled vegetables

    1) a pound to a half-pound of pork (ground pork, sliced pork belly, chopped pork tenderloin — whatever you like)
    2) one package of pickled mustard greens (you’ll find these in an Asian market — I don’t really trust foods from China and prefer to get a Thai or Vietnamese brand — and watch out for nitrates)
    3) one large onion, sliced thin
    4) teaspoon potato starch
    5) (optional) fish sauce or safe soya sauce
    6) (optional) hot chili or chili oil (to taste)

    1) Rinse off the pickled vegetables and slice (about 1/4 inch thick across the grain / stalk), set aside
    2) fry the pork in your favorite safe oil — if using fresh or dried chili, fry in oil briefly before adding pork
    3) when the pork is browned, add the pickled vegetables and fry a couple minutes — they don’t really change color that much
    4) dissolve the potato starch in a 1/4 cup of water or less — depending on how much liquid is already in the pan — add to pan and cook until the starch clears
    5) add onions and cook until your desired level of crunchiness or lack thereof
    6) remove from heat and add optional fish sauce / soya sauce and chili oil to taste

    I like eating this with sticky (glutinous) rice

    cheers, Larry

    • oh, forgot to say, that you can also add some ginger — chop it small and fry it in the oil when you’d fry the fresh / dried chilies

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