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  2. Alright, the import is complete!

  3. Alright, the import is complete!

  4. SamnleeClark

    just checking to see if i am doing this right.

  5. SamnleeClark

    First I just wanted to say thank you to you and your wife for all the hard work that you have so generously shared with all of us, it has been truly life changing for myself and my wife. We follow the PHD as closely as possible but I am allergic to eggs, I have tried just the yolks and we raise our own chickens so I know the quality of the eggs. My question is if I supplement with choline how much and how often would you recommend?
    Thanks again,

    • SamnleeClark  
      Hi Lee,
      First thing — when trying the eggs, do yolks only, and cook them, preferably mixed with coconut milk and meat or fish so that they are homogenized by the coconut milk and have protein to stimulate protein digestion. Cooked egg proteins are over 90% digested whereas raw egg proteins may be as little as 50% digested. So any allergy will be much worse with raw yolks.
      Supplementing with choline — 500 mg/day is plenty. 250 mg/day is sort of minimal. 3 egg yolks provides 380 mg/day. If you only do 250 mg, eat extra duck/goose/chicken liver.
      Best, Paul

      • SamnleeClark

        pauljaminetSamnleeClarkThanks for the quick reply. I will try the cooking methods first, I
        really miss the fresh eggs “our girls” produce for us. Have a wonderful
        day and thanks again for all that you do.

  6. thank u pauljaminet 😉

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