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New Comment System Tomorrow

The new comment system, from Livefyre, will be installed Wednesday morning. While comments are being transferred from WordPress to Livefyre, comments may be unavailable. The process should take a few hours. Thanks for your patience!

New Podcast, Facebook Group, and Commenting System

Evan Brand is an interesting young man who tries to spread the gospel of natural living at Not Just Paleo. We met at PaleoFX and have now done a podcast: Check it out here.

In case you missed it, earlier this month I had a great conversation with Pete Cohen, the Weight Loss Guru. He’s based in the UK and it was a pleasure to talk to him, especially as we put the finishing touches on the UK edition of our book. That podcast is here.

Next, something new: Caressa Santella Neary has set up a Perfect Health Diet Facebook group. It’s become so active in just a few days that I can’t keep up with posts, but I can tell you it’s a great group of people. If you go to the group page you’ll find a “Join Group” link in the upper right.

Finally, something on its way: Thanks to help from Wout Mertens (thanks Wout!), we’re exploring a move to Livefyre as a commenting system. This is one step in a general effort to have better integration to social media including Twitter and Facebook, an improved ability to search comments, faster page loading, and a better experience on mobile devices like phones.

This post will provide an opportunity to test out the new system. Give the new comment system a try on this post and let me know your thoughts!

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